I’m a dermatologist – three huge anti-aging mistakes people make in their 30s, there's food that makes you look older | The Sun

A SKINCARE expert has shared the three mistakes people make in their 30s that can add years to their appearance.

The dermatologist also revealed the popular food ingredient that makes you look older.

In her video, TikTok user Dr. Sophie Shotter (@drsophieshotter) listed "the biggest skin mistakes I see people make in their 30s."

For her first tip, the doctor recommended applying sunscreen every day throughout your 30s.

She explained: "You may not think you’re seeing the damage the sun has done to your skin yet but believe me you will.

"We cause this cumulative damage in our younger years that catches up with us from our 40s onwards so wearing sunscreen every day in your 30s is crucial."

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Sophie also addressed the lifestyle decisions that can lead to visible signs of aging.

As well as smoking, she highlighted the effect sugar can have on your skin.

She told viewers: "You may gotten away with it when you were younger but you will find that this causes cumulative injury, especially around glycation."

Sophie explained that glycation refers to sugar contributed to with UV rays, which "hits us in the second half of our 30s."

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Finally, she emphasized the importance of having a consistent skincare routine.

She said: "It doesn’t need to be complicated, it can be quite simple built on the cool pillars of a good anti-aging skincare routine.

"Consistency is key and making sure that you’re cleansing your skin every night, getting the day’s gunk off your face."

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