I'm told my outfits are inappropriate by the 'gym Karens' but I disagree, I think I look cute and the hate spurs me on | The Sun

A FITNESS fan has delivered the perfect response to criticisms of her active wear.

She said she thinks she looks cute and disagrees with haters who call her style "inappropriate."

Fre (@journeyfre) filmed herself giving her best walk towards the camera in a video on TikTok.

"How I feel walking into the gym with my cute new gym set, ready to p*ss off some Karens who think I don't dress appropriately," read the text.

The gymgoer wore a black crop top with black skin-tight leggings.

"We love it," she added in the caption.

Fre blew kisses for the camera, showing her carefree attitude about the criticisms.

The video drew in many viewers who admired her carefree attitude towards dressing how she pleases in the gym.

"Just keep slaying girly," one viewer advised.

"Body goals," another raved about Fre's clearly toned physique from working out.

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"Yes girl slay," a third chimed in.

The video came as part of a trend where gymgoers defiantly wear what they want while working out.

Many are standing up to double standards in the gym, where it's typically acceptable for men to workout shirtless.

Women are often held to harsher standards when it comes to what constitutes an appropriate wardrobe.

Content creators like Fre are standing up to the unfair double standard when it comes to activewear.

Many fitness fans find it easier to wear less clothing in the gym for maneuverability.

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