I’m a pregnant Dubai housewife & I don’t care if prams are safe- Dior is my favourite because I look good pushing it | The Sun

A WOMAN who is married to a Dubai millionaire has shared the best thing about the fact that her husband got her pregnant – she can go shopping for designer baby accessories.

Linda Andrade shared the revelation via a video posted on her TikTok account @Lionlindaa, where she often posts insights into her life as a rich housewife.

The caption top her video reads: "I don't care about being safe. I care about looking good".

Opening the video, Linda said: "My millionaire husband finally got me pregnant. I'm so happy. The best part of being pregnant is of course shopping."

Linda then shared clips of herself and her husband shopping for Fendi and Dior prams, which cost thousands of pounds.

The housewife said that she wants a pram "so boujie" that she's scared she will get mugged when she leaves the house with her baby.

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Linda said that she is not concerned about the safety of the pram and just wants to look good when she's walking down the street pushing it.

After settling for a Dior pram, Linda spotted a Fendi blanket that she thought would be a "vibe" for her baby.

It was over £20,000 and made of real fur.

After shopping for her baby, it was time for Linda to turn her attention to herself and look for "push presents" for her husband to buy her.

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"Push presents" are gifts given by men to their partners to thank them for going through pregnancy and childbirth.

Linda said: "I already said I want a blue diamond if it's a girl and a pink diamond if it's a girl and then also a Birkin regardless of the gender."

She continued: "And I also want a car. It's totally reasonable. I'm freaking pregnant, that's the least you can do".

TikTok users raced to the video's comments section to share their thoughts on Linda's lavish lifestyle, with many criticising her attitude to motherhood.

One user said: "I’m sorry but there’s people dying of hunger and people do things for show. What a sad world we live in."

Another user added: "Baby stuff is not only for looking good but baby's safety and comfort. That is your top priority".

However, many people were happy for Linda with one user commenting: "I wish to be like you in the future."

Another user added: "Right that’s what I say , safety is last."

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