I'm a model and I joined the posh Raya dating app to meet celebs… it was the biggest mistake of my life – here's why | The Sun

IF you're anything like us, you've probably imagined what it's like dating your favourite artist or actor – and here is where the posh app Raya comes into play.

The popular dating app has become all the rage, especially in the showbiz industry, matching thousands of celebs and influencers – but now, one former subscriber has urged singletons to steer clear of it.

According to model Celeste Aria, who joined Raya in 2021, she's had to block several men on the hot platform and she described the male species on the app as ''f*****g insane''.

''I'm serious – sociopathic egomaniacs, not gonna make you their girlfriend, not gonna date you,'' she shared her experience in a video posted on TikTok.

Celeste noted that for the most part, the famous faces are there to just ''chase tail and clout'' – and the young woman even had a mortifying interaction with a potential Romeo from the app.

After going on a few dates, Celeste and her new beau realised there was no spark and ''things didn't work out''.



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Sadly for the model, this is not where the story ended, as a year later she bumped into the bloke at the posh Soho House, a global chain where private members can hang out together.

After spotting Celeste, the man proceeded to turn around and stare at her with his eyes wide open and taking an imposing stance by a couch nearby.

Looking back at the odd encounter, the model admitted that she was ''terrified'', especially as he didn't break eye contact for ''30 full minutes''.

She went on in the video: ''I was trying not to acknowledge him because I didn't want him to come up to me and my friends.

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''It's like he went out of his way to make me scared basically and be weird in a public space.''

This, Celeste added, caused her to feel too uncomfortable to return to the posh club because she was aware the bloke was a member.


''I'm also kind of scared with the other poeple I matched with cause they kind of got weird and lurky, and creepy on Instagram – because Raya shows you all the Instagram profiles of all the people.

''[I] totally regretted ever being on the app – mind you, I was that girl who was referring my friends in the beginning.

''I felt so unsafe and all of the guys were so whack and socipathic – just be careful out there, ladies,'' Celeste warned.

After hearing her story with the popular dating app, which was launched in 2015, hundreds raced to comments to share their thoughts.

Some people insisted that Celeste was the one to blame, as one insisted: ''i would be more likely to say don't go to soho house instead of don't get raya, soho house is know to be full of show off freaks.''

Another agreed, writing: ''If you’re going to soho house you’re knowingly choosing to socialize with those exact type of people.''

''Never met a good man on Raya,'' a fellow singleton chimed in.

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''Wowww I’ve never heard someone speak about raya like this. I believe you and am so glad you’re sharing,'' a TikTok user penned.

There were also a few good fairy tale stories, such as this one: ''Met my bf of 5 years on Raya, we now live together with two dogs.''

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