Naga Munchetty’s husband had ‘meltdown’ and accused her of ‘lying’

Naga Munchetty recalls husband’s ‘meltdown’ during their run

BBC Breakfast favourite Naga Munchetty candidly revealed that although she and her husband James Haggar “don’t row”, they experienced a tense moment while training for the marathon together in tough weather conditions back in 2013.

The presenter, 48, recalled the situation and admitted her other half had a “meltdown” at the time while speaking to her co-star Louise Minchin, 55, and BBC Triathlon presenter Annie Emmerson on their Her Spirit podcast.

Naga insisted before recalling the story in 2020: “James and I don’t row and he’s a lovely, lovely man, he’s definitely the better half.”

She then continued: “So I roped him into training for the marathon and it was horrible, the weather was horrible, it had snowed, it was cold, it was miserable.

“So we started training in October and then the gadgets weren’t brilliant so I think I had my phone and an app, and my phone signal kept dropping out and we were going out doing this 12 miler or 13 miler, it was like November and you have to build up to 20 don’t you?

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“Anyway, we were running and he hated it. He didn’t want to do it, he got roped into it, he moaned all the time. Every time I said, ‘Let’s go for a run’, he would moan and would be moaning the whole time, like miserable. So it was literally a case of me dragging him along.”

Unfortunately, the training eventually became too overwhelming for James and he became frustrated with the difficult challenge.

Naga explained: “We probably had two miles to go home up a hill and he said, ‘How long does it say?’ And I said, ‘Oh, it’s saying eight’.

“Well, I won’t tell you what he said, but he actually had a meltdown in the road.”

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While mimicking James’ voice, Naga shouted: “‘You’re lying to me, I’m sick of you lying about how far we’re going to go, lying about this, I don’t want to do this, you made me!’

“Standing in the street, in the freezing cold, screaming and I just stood there and I went, ‘The thing is James, we still have to run up that hill, either way, we’ve got to get home, so you can scream and shout, the thing is dropping out – you can’t do anything’.”

Reflecting on her other half’s anger, Naga revealed: “He was raging and that was one of the huge rows.”

Luckily, the couple managed to put their differences aside and ran the marathon and took running lessons to improve their skills. She added: “We even had running lessons, so my aim was I wanted to do it in four hours and 10 minutes.”

“Which is fast, Naga,” Louise chimed, sounding impressed by her colleague’s mission.

Naga ended up falling slightly short of her target and finished at four hours, 42 minutes after suffering from a painful injury during the run.

Naga and James have been married since 2007 after dating for several years. He is thought to be a television director and broadcast consultant having worked for brands including CNBC International and Sky.

Earlier this year, the journalist shared that their busy schedules meant they never had the desire to have children.

She explained that they had “never tried” to expand their family but was told, after being diagnosed with womb condition adenomyosis, that it “might get better” if she had children.

She told The Times: “We never tried and I never miscarried, we just never really wanted them. We kept putting the decision off, then life got better for us, we became more selfish . . . and just didn’t find the time.”

Naga previously revealed that someone called her “wicked” for “denying” her mother grandchildren. She mused to The Sun: “It’s quite interesting, isn’t it, how people react.”

BBC Breakfast airs at 6am on BBC One.

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