I had my lips pumped full of filler 3 years ago & docs are horrified at how they look – don’t think it’ll just go away | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed how she was left with lumpy lips after she had filler – and doctors were horrified with the results that they said desperately needed fixing.

The lady explained how she’d had fillers a few times to achieve a fuller lip, but then hadn’t touched them or had any further procedures for three years.

However, in that time period, her filler had migrated, leaving her lips looking swollen and lumpy. 

Fed up with the way they looked, she booked herself in for an appointment with an aesthetic doctor to get some advice.

And the doctor in question – Dr Rosh – said that he was horrified with the results, and warned others of the potential dangers of leaving the filler to just go away of its own accord.

During a one on one consultation that was filmed, Dr Rosh asked the woman for more details on what she had had done.

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She told him that she had had lip fillers two to three times, and that on each occasion they used around 1 mil.

He then examined her lips and gave a detailed description of what had gone wrong.

Dr Rosh told her: “First of all, I want to say, you’ve got a beautiful look – I love your eyes, your cheek structure.

“The problem here is they’ve just put so much in your lips and it really shocks me that you’ve not had anything in three years and still it’s at the level it is.”

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He continued: “People think, ‘I’m just going to do nothing and it will go away’ – and it’s not true.”

Dr Rosh then pointed to several points around her mouth, including the top and the corners to show the “extreme migration”, before highlighting “two lumps” under her lip.

In the video posted to Dr Rosh’s TikTok account, @drroshofficial, he then concluded: “Really, it takes away from your beauty a little bit.

“But we’ll get that sorted today, don’t worry, you’ll be fine.”

Dr Rosh then stressed the importance of how everyone is different and requires different things, so there should be no blanket 0.5 – 1 mil filler.

Instead, he said: “I say no – I do what’s right for your lip.”

And Dr Rosh stuck to his word, as he vowed to dissolve her filler, get rid of the migration, and “enhance her natural look.”

In a follow-up social media video, Dr Rosh spoke with his patient to see if she was happy with her new and improved look.



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She told him: “I feel like my lips are just amazing.”

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