I’m a teacher & hate it when students draw on desks, trolls say it’ll come off, but I've had it… I know I’m right | The Sun

A CLEVER teacher has hit back after being told to allow kids to draw on their desks in her classroom. 

Noelle Cheney is a teacher in Kansas City, the US, and often uses her social media to share insights about her life. 

In one clip, she decided to snap back at someone after they didn’t like how she handled kids drawing on desks. 

Posting a clip on her social media account, viewers could see someone had told her: “It comes off. Just let them draw”. 

The brunette beauty then explained: “Hey, I’d like to show you something.”

Turning the camera down onto a brown desk, she showed off several marks left behind by a student who used a black pen. 

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Slamming a packet of wipes down, she opened it up and took a single one out before attempting to remove the stains. 

Noelle rubbed them aggressively, scrubbing each one down to try and get them to budge. 

Turning the camera back on herself, she then said: “Yeah actually no, it actually doesn’t.” 

In the caption, YouTuber @noellelovessloths added: “2 years ago when a student kept drawing on my desks…” 

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People were quick to comment on the post as one person wrote: “No matter what else she could use to clean it, she’s not paid to clean desks, she’s paid to TEACH.”

Another said: “These parents need to teach their kids to respect school property.”

A third posted: “If someone draws on the desk if I were a teacher I’d be like “that’s your seat for the rest the year. You marked your territory,”” followed by a crying with laughter emoji. 

“idc what you have just grab a sheet of paper and draw on it,” another said.

“You don’t NEED to draw and doodle on the desk, you have paper easily accessible with your supplies and in the classroom”. 

A fifth shared: “Teaching kids boundaries like "don't draw on other people's property" is setting them up for success in the future. Kids NEED and MUST have boundaries set for them”. 

While a sixth added: “Even if it did “just come off”, it’s important to teach kids to respect other people’s property, especially when it is someone else’s responsibility/job to clean said property.”

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