I rented the most eccentric millionaire house ever – there's a secret wing with a crystal-activated cave | The Sun

A SERIAL renter of big houses for special occasions, has described her latest as the craziest yet.

There were surprises around every corner of this sprawling property including a secret wing with a crystal-activated cave.

It was, she said, without doubt, the most "eccentric millionaire house ever."

Munch Kym's (@munchkym) post has aroused the curiosity of property fans, with over 259,000 liking her video and another 6,000 commenting.

Every year she rents a big house with friends for the US Quadball Nationals.

But this Pennsylvania property exceeded all her expectations.

It's now no longer available to rent pending a sale, but she gave viewers a peek into this extraordinary building.

She was thrilled by it and the surprises kept on coming.

“This place is crazy and incredible in so many ways.  People keep finding things," she said.

The hidden wing was hidden behind a complex, 3-D door design.

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The long dark passageway gave nothing away about the secrets that lay beyond.

An unprepocessing wooden door led into a bathroom that was grotto-like.  

“This is, much to our surpise, is a full bath," she said.

The toilet had a decidedly rustic appearance: "We got this nice little [toilet] made to look like an outhouse."

Further along the hallway she introduced the mining room.

“It straight up looks like you are in a mine," she wrote.

There were lamps – powered by electric – on the walls, bunk beds with woolen blankets, rocking chairs, and a stove.

Back into the passageway, she found another secret door that led into the garden room.

Foilage hung from every available surface, including the ceiling, and over the four poster bed.

There was another unusual feature here too: “A closet that is made to look like a shed.”

Finally, she came to the most striking room, The Cave.

“The cave is very cool and weird as sh*t."

The designer had fun here, with additional light and sound effects.

“So we take the crystal and we move it to a new spot and the lights and noises change."

Above the cave was another space. "Obviously a sex loft," she figured.

"So yeah, definitely the weirdest place I’ve ever stayed,” she concluded.

Commenters had a field day with the crazy house.

“This straight up looks like something a Disney imaginer decorated," said one person.

A second had a different view: “Half the rooms are scary as f*ck and the other half are perfect.”

Fans of underground dwellings loved it: “The crystal cave is actually cool as hell.”

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“I have to say clearly the person who designed this house is a Minecraft builder," opined this person.

But there was some wistfulness from this viewer: “Oh to be an eccentric millionaire and make a house with a secret wing.”

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