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THERE’S nothing more nightmarish than getting a hideous trim at the hairdressers and feeling you have to smile through it so you don’t offend them. 

And that’s exactly what happened to one unfortunate TikToker recently, after she asked her stylist for some soft curtain bangs only to end up with a bizarre fringe nothing close to the look she was going for. 

Deanna Woodfield is a 26-year-old from New Zealand who regularly shares clips on her TikTok page @Deanna_Woodfield. 

And in a recent clip reposted by @UltimateByKomi, she shared her “nightmare hairdressing experience” with followers. 

Poor Deanna began with her hands over her head to conceal her locks, telling the camera: “I went in and I asked for curtain bangs.” 

A teary-eyed Deanna nervously giggled as she added: “Oh my God, I don’t even want to look at it, it’s so awful.” 

She then revealed the terrible trim, featuring two blocky bangs that had none of the curtain-esque sweep she asked for. 

Instead, Deanna had what looked like two blunt side fringes, limply hanging on either side of her forehead. 

“I don’t know what to do, it’s so awful,” the hysterical customer added. 

And she even revealed that she’d been so thrown off, she actually thanked the hairdresser for the dodgy cut before she left.

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“I just walked out,” she exclaimed while wiping her tears. “I said ‘thank you’ and walked out.” 

“What has she done?” the unlucky user sobbed, “I don’t even know what I’m going to do to fix it.” 

“I felt so bad for her!” sympathetic Deanna explained. “She didn’t mean to do it!” 

“I can’t stop laughing and crying,” she concluded, before ending the clip. 

The hilarious video racked up 3.2m views, with commenters trying to offer their advice for how to disguise the clunky chop. 

“They are fine!” one reassured her. “Don’t part them. Do full bangs, they look great!” 

“Just close the curtains and have a fringe,” another suggested. 

“Head bands, don’t part in the middle for a while and clips,” a third advised. “You are beautiful and bangs grow quickly. All women have experienced this.” 

If you ever experience a similar disastrous cut, there are a few simple tips you can follow to try and stimulate faster growth. 

According to experts, you ought to avoid heated tools for a while, and take folic acid and biotin vitamins which keep your locks healthy. 

A daily head massage can also increase the blood flow to your scalp, meaning more nutrients reach your hair follicles which helps your locks lengthen. 

And now a bit of time has passed, Deanna – who now has a new gorgeous trim – can clearly see the funny side of the incident. 



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Her bio on the app reads: “I will forever be known as the terrible bangs girl.” 

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