I live in a van – the different ways I shower aren't everyone's cup of tea but the first is super handy for beach days | The Sun

AN adventurous van life TikToker has revealed his unconventional showering methods.

Life on the road might come with its challenges, but he learned to cope with some clever techniques.

"A lot of you ask how I shower in van life so I'm going to quickly take you through three options I use to shower," said Tom (@tomandfordythevan).

The first method involved using a small shower bag by Risepro, which he described as a 20-liter bag of water that you put on the roof of your van.

"The sun heats it up, it has a little hose attachment to it, and it's super handy for when you've been at the beach all day or when you've been surfing," he said.

He admitted that his second way of washing up might not be for everyone: jumping in the sea.

Tom could even be seen taking a dip in a waterfall.

Still, he seemed to enjoy his alternative way of bathing.

"If the sea is looking this color, for me that's good enough for my shower for the day," he explained in front of a clear blue shoreline.

It didn't look like Tom was facing hardship as he knelt down on the sand next to the gentle waves.

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"It definitely won't be everyone's cup of tea doing this, but I feel like in van life, sometimes it's your only option."

He also pointed out a perk that he found to be rather refreshing.

"It's also super nice that you're able to submerge your whole body underwater," he said.

The traveler had also found another way of scrubbing up while living on the road.

For less than $10, he is sometimes able to find a center with changing rooms.

His unique ways of washing up might not be for everyone, but some fans appreciated his lifestyle.

"So amazing life being alone living in a van," exclaimed one awed follower.

Another viewer had his own question: "Will you live in the van in colder months?"

"I will do trips," Tom replied.

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