I tried £10 leggings from Primark – everyone was stunned to see I had 'no trousers on', I felt like a sausage | The Sun

A HOT mum told how she splashed out on nude-coloured leggings – but didn’t get the end result she was hoping for.

Kayleigh, 34, thought the Primark buy would leave her looking fit and have admirers lining up to pay compliments.

But onlookers thought she was half naked and ripped into her, wondering why she’d forgotten to dress properly.

She said: “They cost me £10 but I think I probably overpaid.

“People just didn’t believe I was wearing anything on my bottom half. They were stunned and shocked.

“They kept telling me I’d forgotten to put my trousers on. That wasn’t the response I was hoping for.

“They were a very tough crowd and couldn’t believe someone my size would wear such a thing.”

Curvy Kayleigh had hoped the leggings would make her look glowy and toned.

But even she wasn’t impressed with how the nude leggings showed off her size 18 shape.

She said: “I was hoping to look tanned and athletic in them. That’s what I was really going for.

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“But in the end I was more like a badly packed sausage.”

Since then Kayleigh has only been brave enough to wear the leggings indoors where no one else can see.

She said: “They tuck me in at all the right spots.

“But everything suits me. I could wear a bin bag and it would suit. I just have that kind of face and body. No one can tell me otherwise.”

Content creator Kayleigh wasn’t bothered by the reaction to the leggings.

And she’s now considering putting them on show once again.

She added: “I might wear them to pop to the shop for milk if I’m feeling cheeky.”

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