I'm an elegance pro – the three styles of lashes that you want to ditch pronto, they make you look so tacky & cheap | The Sun

AN ELEGANCE coach has revealed which sets of lashes need to be binned, as they're anything but classy.

Lashes – they can instantly pull a make-up look together, making your eyes appear more mysterious and sexy.

But whilst falsies and eyelash extensions are increasingly popular, one whizz, Antonia Higham, has advised all beauty fans to carefully think about the style they're picking.

Taking to TikTok, the whizz, who specialises in all things elegant fashion, revealed some eyelash looks are not as flattering and should be avoided at all costs.

One such loved style are thick eyelash extensions with different length hairs – although you might feel fabulous in these, Antonia gave this look a big ''no''.

The same, she revealed in her video, applies for fake eyelashes with extremely long and fluttery hairs that cover most of your eyelid.

This is a particularly tacky and cheap mistake when paired with dark eyebrows heavily drawn on with a pitch black make-up pencil.

The third popular eyelash trend to best steer clear of at all costs, Antonia said, is rocking very little to no bottom lashes paired with a heavy set on top.

Instead, when dashing to the nearby beauty salon, the UK-based whizz advised to opt for something more natural that won't look as heavy.

''Do you agree?'' Antonia asked in the comments – but it seems that not everyone shared the same opinion.

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One beauty fan, for instance, reckoned: ''I think can completely depend of eye shape and time and place.

''I would probably wear the first set to a wedding/event event but not day to day.''


''CAMEL LASHES ARRGGHHH [sic],'' mortified viewer chimed in.

The style pro, who posts under the username @antoniahigham, regularly shares fashion-related content online, where she has close to 480k followers.

But whilst she might be oozing with elegance now – and inspiring others to do the same – Antonia hasn't always looked like this.

Years ago, she recently revealed, the style guru looked nothing like what she does now, rocking cakey and heavy make-up and neon mini dresses – something the pro now considers to be tacky.

Uploading an incredible Before and After transformation, Antonia shocked her fans by her previous outfits, which included latex outfits.

Whereas now we know the stunner for her fair skin and minimal approach to make-up, the young woman was once all about a juicy, glossy pout and heavy, yellow foundation.

Looking to elevate your appearance? Antonia has heaps of tips, including three heel styles to ditch, five make-up errors to avoid, as well as trendy necklaces that are anything but elegant in her eyes.

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