I have a guaranteed way to keep pests out of your home for $6 – just spray round your home, it won't kill your grass | The Sun

AS the weather continues to get colder, certain pests may seek shelter in your home.

A DIY enthusiast has shared his handy hack for repelling mice from your house this winter.

In his video, Ceith Griffith (@ceithgriffith) revealed the household product he swears by for deterring rodents.

The TikToker showed his followers how he uses a multi-surface cleaner to prevent mice from entering his house.

"All you’re going to need is Pine-Sol, this stuff will deter snakes and mice from around your home," he said.

The popular cleaning product is available from most stores, including Target for just $6.

Ceith demonstrated how he dilutes the solution and places it in a spray bottle.

For his next step, he walked around the perimeter of his home, creating a strong-scented barrier for rodents.

"Take the Pine-Sol and spray it around your house, this will not kill the grass," he explained.

The home experts at House Digest explained the science behind the trick.

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"The answer lies in [Pine-Sol's] potent formula, rich in essential oils primarily derived from pine trees," they said.

The professionals described the product as "a game-changer" when it comes to deterring rodents.

They cited the "extraordinarily sensitive sense of smell" of mice as "pivotal for navigating their environment, locating food, and steering clear of predators."

However, they added that this survival instinct also serves as the creature's "Achilles' heel when confronted with the overpowering scent of Pine-Sol."

TikTok users took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the advice.

"I so love all your tips and tricks. thank you so much for helping us all out," wrote one impressed viewer.

Another follower said: "Yes I've been doing this for some time, it really works."

"Thank you so much!! I’m doing it tomorrow!!" commented a third person.

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