Can you find the sneaky cheetah lurking in the African savannah in this tricky brainteaser in under 10 seconds? | The Sun

YOU have the eyes of a hawk if you can locate this cheetah hidden in an African savannah in under 10 seconds.

Get out your timer and clear your eyes before testing out this mind-bending optical illusion.

Take a long look at the beautiful Saharan scene and see if you can spot the animal.

If ten seconds have passed and you still have no clue, look closer to the right side of the tree.

You can see a cheetah's head peeking out from the grassland waiting to track down its next prey.

A video of the illusion was shared by TikToker DD (@davidis4) who urged his followers to find the animal.

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One person quickly caught on and located the beautiful big cat in just a moment.

Can you do the same?

At first glance, it might be hard to see why a cheetah's spotted coat is camouflaged.

But the world's fastest land mammal turns into an invisible bolt once it's running through the dried grasses of Africa.

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The dark spots blend in with the spaces between the large strands of grass, making them deadly and sneaky assassins.

The spots can also help to hide little cheetah cubs from predators.

And much like a human fingerprint, each one has a unique set of spots and ring patterns on its tail, according to the Smithsonian.

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