I'm a mum and my rule is I never say no to my kids – not everyone agrees, especially when it comes to food | The Sun

EVERYONE is different when it comes to their parenting style, but one mum has opened up about the things she does that “go against the grain”.

Mum Rachel uploaded a video sharing the “unpopular things” she does as a parent, and it has split opinion in the comments.

The first thing she swears by, is never saying no to her kids if they are hungry.

She explained on her @rachonlife account: “There will never be an instance where I will say ‘you can wait’ or ‘not right now’ or ‘the kitchen’s closed’.

“They can always have something to eat because I’m not going to teach my children to ignore the natural cues of their body.”

Rachel said that she thinks her kids will start being “deceitful” about eating if they are hungry, because that’s what she did as a child.

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The mum said she will also “not say no” to her kids if she can help it.

Rachel added: “Unless there is a legitimate reason to say no, we will be saying yes.”

She said this may make her and her husband’s life trickier, but it will help her kids grow into well-rounded people.

Her next parenting strategy is that her kids will never be “in trouble” if they come and tell her they’ve done something bad.

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She continued: “We are going to tell our kids if you tell us before we find out, you won’t be in trouble.

“There will be consequences, but you will not be in trouble.”

Finally, the parents will be honest with their kids about everything they’ve done and “all the experiences” they’ve had “in an appropriate delivery.”

She said: “I don’t want our kids to feel they can’t come to us if they have questions.”

People were quick to comment, and some took issue with letting her kids eat whenever they want.

One mum wrote: “Agree with all except the food…my son tried to make popcorn when there was 6 minutes left on dinner. Uh no sir!”

Another added: “No hate but what about when you’re in the process of cooking dinner? Would you say just wait x minutes cuz dinners almost ready.”

A third said: “The only one we don’t do is the food thing cuz my kids always choose the ten minutes before dinner is ready to decide they want to eat a snack. Nope.”


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And one commented: “Some kids will eat too many snacks if able to and not eat proper meals. I think it’s important to come to meals hungry and ready to eat!”

However, many supported her, with one saying: “This. All of this.”

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