I made the ultimate lazy roast dinner for £4.92 – it was so easy and would be perfect for Christmas day | The Sun

DO you love a roast dinner but feel like you are too lazy to prepare one?

A man shared how he did a “budget tray bake roast” and the best part was it only cost £4.95.

Instead of carefully preparing each item in the roast, he shoved all the ingredients on a single tray to make it easier.

Mitch, who posts under @mealsbymitch, uploaded a video of his simple roast and said it would also be perfect for Christmas Day.

He said: “The ultimate lazy roast dinner for under a fiver.

“The only way this could get any less lazy is if you went out for a carvery or just bought a microwave meal.”

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Mitch started off by prepping the roast potatoes, and said: “Start off by peeling and cutting the spuds up into chunks.

“Bring up to the boil in salted water and then dry them off and let them completely cool.”

Next you should put oil onto a baking tray and heat it up in the oven.

“He added: “When it’s piping hot, get the spuds on there and coat them in all that hot oil.”

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You should then put your meat on the tray, and he showed himself adding chicken drumsticks and thighs.

Mitch continued: “Cover the whole lot in salt and black pepper.

“Whack this in the oven for half an hour, set at 180C.”

After 30 minutes, you can add the remainder of your roast ingredients, including stuffing balls, carrots, parsnips, brussel sprouts, garlic and rosemary.

The food lover said: “Give everything a mix around, get some more oil on there.

“Look at all that food on there. 

“£4.92 for all that.

“Back in the oven for another half an hour and it really is as simple as that.

“Nice little hack if you’re only cooking for a few people this Christmas and funds are a little tight!

“Bon appetite.”

His video has racked up around 5,000 likes and many people were quick to praise the dish.

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One person wrote: “This looks so good.”

Another added: “I come to your page for inspiration all the time.”

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