I live off-grid in a 14 sq ft Fire Lookout – my bathroom is unconventional but the view makes up for it | The Sun

A DIGITAL nomad who lives in a very unexpected place has revealed that her scenic views come with a price.

Brig Malessa (@briggygee) revealed that she has to use an unconventional bathroom as her home sits on a 20-foot-tall timber frame. 

She has garnered over 167,000 followers on TikTok, where she shares what it’s like to be a fire lookout for the federal government.

She took to the social media platform to share a highly requested tour of where she lives.

Brig said: “It’s time for a full tour of the fire lookout.

"From the information that I can find the cabin was constructed in 1936.

"And the timber frame that it sits on, which is 20ft tall was constructed in 1955.

“All of the water is hauled in and it sits down here at the bottom of the steps in jugs.

“At the top of the steps is a trap door that I can close.”

Brig showed several jugs of water on the ground outside before climbing the stairs to continue the tour inside the cabin.

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She revealed that her bathroom is just a small black bucket that is kept outside as the cabin has just one room.

She said: “There’s an outhouse down the way but then I use a pee bucket when I’m up here.”

The nomad revealed that even electricity for her home differs from most other houses. 

She also has no WiFi but "pretty good" cell phone service.

Brigg continued: “Out here on the catwalk are the batteries that are connected to the solar panel here.

“The cabin is 14ft by 14ft and has a catwalk all the way around the outside.

“The refrigerator and the stove are both operated by propane as are these cute little lamps.”

Brig shared a selection of artwork that her followers had posted to her in memory of a mountain goat that would visit her previous home.

She admitted that she was touched by all of the handmade items that she had been gifted.

She said: “In here we have a Buddy the Mountain Goat shrine. Buddy is the mountain goat that hung around my fire look last year.

“And here’s the radio. I set it up on a cute little lightning stool because I have two.

“There’s another video not too far back abought the lightning stools but here you can see part of the grounding system.

“The building is grounded so theoretically I don’t need the lightning stool anymore but they’re cute.

“And we have the Osborne Firefinder. This one has a scope and then the binoculars which is the thing I use most.”

Brig decorated a wall with photos of the fire lookout that were taken throughout her time living there as well as her own drawings.

She finished the tour by showing the space where she sleeps and encouraged people to follow her on TikTok for advice on how they can get a similar job.

The off-grid role requires general labor experience with duties including reporting smoke sightings and collecting data on fires.

Brig said: “We have a bed that has three drawers in it, where my clothes are.

“Then this is where I stack all the books that I do not read. 

“I’m on duty from around 8 am to 8 pm, seven days a week.”

The video went viral with over 442,000 views, 44,000 likes, and hundreds of comments.

Many people were curious about how she copes with living alone and how she does her laundry.

Brig replied saying that she is allowed to have a pet and that she feels “safest in the woods.”

She added: “Only one person is employed but many fire lookouts bring a partner!”

One person commented: “It’s hard seeing other people living out your dreams.”

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Another wrote: “Definitely takes a special type of person to do this. Thank you for your work!”

A third said: “I could not be more jealous.”

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