I watched Hamas massacre vid still too horrific for release – babies’ bodies, headless soldiers…it was a glimpse at evil | The Sun

I WATCHED complete unhinged brutality and slaughter after slaughter filmed in perfect quality by Hamas monsters during their October 7 killing spree.

Israel screened the harrowing, unedited bodycam footage to a select group of journalists in London last night.

The silent room trembled at the grisly compilation still too barbaric to be released to the public. 

It was easy to see why. 

The barely watchable 43-minute reel takes you through Hamas’s bloody assault – almost massacre by massacre – as they rampaged through over 30 kibbutzim in southern Israel.

Dead babies, burnt children, soldiers without heads, whole families slain in their bedrooms and endless bloodied corpses piled next to cars, bus stops, homes and nurseries. 

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It is only a small "glimpse" of the thousands of hours of footage Israel says they have collected in the aftermath of the bloodbath taken on GoPros, CCTV, dashcams and mobile phones.

In the small auditorium, an IDF spokesperson warned the crowd that we would see the victim’s faces, their last moments, their bodies.

“We are only showing it to specific audiences to preserve the rights and privacy of the victims,” he explained. 

“It is only a glimpse of what happened.” 

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The footage opened with helpless civilians being dragged from cars and shot in the head as gun-toting Hamas terrorists cheered and shouted "Allahu Akbar!" meaning "God is great!" 

Their haunting war cry echoed throughout as they murdered, maimed and butchered – all the while smiling and laughing. 

Israeli bodies were paraded through Gaza as trophies as Hamas murderers received a hero's welcome from huge crowds who spat, kicked and bludgeoned the corpses.

It was a short fraction of what was to come. 

The audience gasped, sobbed quietly or left the room as exactly 139 corpses appeared in horrifyingly clear footage on the screen.

Faces no longer looked like faces and bodies didn’t resemble bodies.

It was almost unbearable to witness.

A father was filmed on his CCTV scooping up his two young sons and running to a bomb shelter where Hamas terrorists lay in wait. 

They blew him up with a grenade in front of his young sons, splattering them with blood.

“Why am I alive, I want to die!” one wailed, while his now eyeless brother asked: "Why can't I see?" as their father’s murderers casually drank milk out of the fridge.

Hamas were frighteningly proud of the terror they were unleashing. 

Another clip showed the terrorists cheerfully congratulating themselves as they hacked off a Thai worker’s head off with a blunt shovel. 

“Let history witness my first one,” the assailant shouted into his livestream.

An audio recording followed of one terrorist phoning home in the midst of the carnage.

“Your son killed 10 Jews with my bare hands… father, be proud of me," he shouted.

"I am calling on the dead woman's phone now."

Other footage came from Israeli first responders who wept as they followed heavy trails of blood into children’s bedrooms or doused still smouldering dead bodies with water.

The gruesome montage ended on the Supernova “peace” festival, where Hamas descended on paragliders and rained bullets down on innocent revellers. 

This week, Israel raised the death toll of young revellers butchered in the desert plains to 360 up from 260.

Clips were shown of crying victims filming themselves hiding in ditches, portaloos and shelters as Hamas hunted them down.

Next, silent images appeared of their bloodied and brutalised bodies in the aftermath. 

One of the last videos captured the moment a first responder shouted over a mass of their disfigured bodies.

"I have dead people,” he cried out. 

"Everyone’s dead. Is anyone alive? Anyone please?"

Israel hopes the footage will put an end to doubts over the true scale of horror Hamas unleashed on southern Israel – which saw 1,200, mostly civilians, slaughtered and some 240 hostages dragged into Gaza.

It comes as a fragile four-day ceasefire began on Friday after nearly 50 days of fighting.

The ceasefire started at 7am local time – with the first group of 13 women and children due to be released at 4pm.

Hamas have vowed to free at least 50 of the 240 hostages that were snatched on October 7 in return for 150 Palestinian prisoners.

Both sides will release women and children first and Israel said it has a list of hostages set to be freed.

Israel has said the truce would be extended an extra day for every additional 10 hostages freed.

The truce-for-hostages deal was reached after weeks of intense negotiations – with Qatar, the United States and Egypt serving as mediators.

If it holds, it would mark the first significant break in fighting since Israel declared war on Hamas seven weeks ago.

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