Strictlys Ellie Leach bravely opens up on personal battle – Ive always struggled

Ellie Leach has opened up about her battle with self-confidence, something which has always struggled with in the past.

The soap star, 22, is currently appearing on Strictly Come Dancing and is using the show to help boost her confidence, something which has deteriorated more since learning that her former boyfriend of five years, Reagan Pettman, had cheated on her earlier this year.

Known best for playing the role of Faye Windass in Coronation Street, Ellie admits she isn't exactly as she appears on screen. "Self-confidence is something I've always struggled with – and I think as an actor, people don't see that. They think that you're just this confident person, and you can do anything," she told The Mirror.

Continuing: "But personally I don't have much self-confidence, so I'm hoping Strictly will bring that for me, push me, and make me realise I am capable of doing things.

"Sometimes I say I can't do something, and in the next breath I've done it – so I'm hoping the show can help me believe in myself a bit more."

Ellie is paired up with professional Vito Coppola on Strictly, with the pair performing a foxtrot during Saturday evening's show.

Explaining that her recent breakup has made her more determined, Ellie added: "Being cheated on was upsetting, but now is the perfect time for me to put my all into Strictly and give that 500 per cent."

Ahead of beginning Strictly, which is also featuring stars such as Zara McDermott and Adam Thomas, Ellie explained that she was looking forward to the 'fitness' side of the competition.

She told OK!: "I wish that I could be one of those gym girlies, but I want to feel more confident in my outfits and I want to feel more confident in the dancing.

"I want to be able to be fit enough to get through a routine so I'm of excited for the fitness side of it, and I have put a bit of fake tan on just to see if it suits me."

It's a new endeavour for Ellie, who left the fictional town of Weatherfield earlier this year after 12 years on Coronation Street.

Her exit saw character Faye making the devastating decision to leave her fiancé Craig Tinker (played by Colson Smith) behind move to Slough with her ex-partner Jackson and their daughter Miley in hope of providing a more stable family life for the little girl.

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