Sydney Sweeney Wanted Boob Job as Teen, Says She Faces Unfair Fashion Criticism Now

Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney wants to empower other girls to love the body they're in — plus, being able to buy back the family house and worries the death of Angus Cloud won't really hit until they begin filming Season 3.

Sydney Sweeney has been turning heads on the red carpet for years now, but she’s not always happy with the noise she sometimes hears about how she looks. While she’s happy in her skin these days, she gets tired of her looks being called “scandalous” because she has curves.

The 26-year-old Euphoria star has come a long way in just being comfortable within her own body, admitting to Glamour UK that she was ready to go under the knife back when she was still in high school.

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“When I was in high school, I used to feel uncomfortable about how big my boobs were,” she told the magazine. “I used to say that when I turned 18, I was going to get a boob job to make them smaller.”

She said that it was her mom Lisa who kept her from doing it, telling her she’d regret it later. “I’m so glad I didn’t,” said The White Lotus star. “I like them. They’re my best friends. Everybody’s body is beautiful. When you are confident and you’re happy within is when it really shows to other people.”

She said that she used to be more conservative with how she dressed, but as she’s gotten older, she’s decided to embrace how she’s built. “Flaunt what you got. Own it. Love them,” she said. “I want to show girls that it’s amazing and beautiful and empowering to have the bodies that we have.”

But with that empowerment also comes criticism, with Sweeney saying she gets tired of hearing that some of her red carpet looks are too “scandalous.”

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“They’re like, ‘Sydney Sweeney displays bust,’ or ‘Sydney Sweeney wears a scandalous dress,'” the actress recalled. “I’m like, I’m wearing the exact same dress someone else would be wearing. I just have tits!”

She did note that she appreciates designers like Miu Miu and Armani “because they will remake dresses for my boobs.” She said she struggles to fit into sample sizes because she’s unable to make alterations … and it’s these looks that garner the most criticism.

“So whenever I get to wear Miu Miu, Armani, or when a brand is letting me reconstruct the top or rebuild it or alter something, that’s when it looks better,” added Sweeney. “That’s when you see I look more confident and happy on the carpet as well.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Sweeney talked about the shocking and tragic loss of her Euphoria co-star Angus Cloud, who died suddenly in July after an accidental overdose.

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Grieving Angus Cloud

Sweeney recalled those days in the immediate aftermath of the news, sharing that her and her co-stars “were constantly on the phone with each other crying, because it was just such a shock.”

She also said that while they’ve been processing as best they could amid the recent Hollywood strikes, she doesn’t think this loss will really hit “until we’re filming and I won’t see Angus on set.” Production is set to begin next year.

At the same time, she won’t be alone with her grief. “When we are filming, all of our eyes are on each other, and we’re there for each other,” she explained. “Just in a different way than we’re able to when we’re all in very separate places in the world.”

The highly-anticipated new season will more than likely continue to put her character, Cassie, through the wringer, but Sweeney appreciates the emotional challenge because it serves as an outlet for the real world. “it’s almost like therapy,” she said, “where I can let out so much.”

“When I go home, I feel free.”

Speaking of home, while Sweeney did lament the loss of some rites of passage for young people, like prom, that she skipped for her career, there was one massive boon for her family that her success brought about.

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Buying Back Family Home

While visiting The Kelly Clarkson Show on Monday, Sweeney shared how she was able to buy back her family home. As the actress explained, her great-grandmother had lost the home because she wasn’t able to afford to keep up with it after her husband passed away.

Speaking with Women’s Health last month, Sweeney had opened up about her family’s financial struggles, which also included her parents filing for bankruptcy while trying to support her dreams.

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“It was hard because they were supporting my dream, and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else,” said Sweeney. “I didn’t want to fail them. No matter how long it took, I was going to be in a TV show or a movie, and I wasn’t going to stop until something happened.”

While she’s been a working actor since before she was a teenager, kicking off her career in 2009, it was Sweeney’s breakout performance in Netflix’s 2018 teen series Everything Sucks! that would see her start picking up more and more high profile work. Now, she’s looking to bring back the rom-com opposite Glen Powell with Anyone But You.

With that success comes the opportunity to pay back the support of her family. “Last year I called up the owners and was like, I wanna buy my great-grandma’s house back,” she told Clarkson. “And it’s really cool too. My granny still lives in the house next door, so, I’m neighbors with my granny now.”

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