Shake Shack Teams Up With Michelin-Star Restaurant Ikoyi For Gourmet Menu

Shake Shack has expanded its horizons throughout 2023, releasing several exclusive menus worldwide. Following its plant-based and spicy offerings, the restaurant partners with Michelin-star institution Ikoyi for a gourmet meal.

Founded by chef Jeremy Chan and Iré Hassan-Odukale, Ikoyi has made a name for itself in the London restaurant scene. Ikoyi’s West African dishes focus on premium British produce, balancing seasonal ingredients for a flavorsome experience.

Ikoyi’s Shake Shack menu will be available for one day only — arriving at its London Covent Garden location, with all proceeds going to City Harvest charity. The two-item menu is packed with surprises, featuring the Ikoyi Burger and Dark Beer Fondue Fries. The former revamps a traditional cheeseburger with deep-fried Buffalo sweetbreads, spicy relish, Efo spice emulsion, and grilled mustard greens on a seeded miso potato bun. The Dark Beer Fondue Fries are dressed with lemon thyme, garlic, and penja peppercorn-infused cheese sauce topped with sliced negi onions.

Take a closer look at Ikoyi’s Shake Shack menu in the gallery above. Try it out at Shake Shack Covent Garden on October 13 while supplies last.

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