McDonalds lover shares clever hack to get free Monopoly stickers on every order

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    A McDonald's lover has shared his genius hack to get free Monopoly stickers every time you order.

    TikTok user Josh Heslop says the handy trick means he can get his hands on even more of the stickers, which can land you prizes of free food and drink.

    Josh, who goes under the username of @Joshheslop_, uploaded a video to his account which revealed all about the hack.

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    The clip starts with Josh sitting in his car, as he gets ready to order his Maccies meal at a drive-thru.

    He said to his followers: “Right, the easiest way to get Monopoly stickers, hopefully this works…”

    Josh gives the McDonald's worker his order before heading to the first window to collect his drinks.

    He's handed two soft drinks, which both feature Monopoly stickers.

    As the workers tells him to head to the next window, Josh politely asks: “Could I ask you a quick favour?

    “Would I be able to get a large cup with ice please?”

    The server then hands him the cup, which, of course, includes yet another Monopoly sticker – this time it's time free of charge though.

    Josh drives away with a big smile on his face a he adds: "Easiest way to get McDonald’s Monopoly stickers for free – a large cup of ice."

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    Many of his followers were impressed with the clever hack as they said they were going to try it themselves the next time they get a Maccies.

    Those who are heading to the McDonald's drive-thru may want to reveal one 'annoying habit' though, shared by a Maccies worker.

    One Aussie McDonald's server, who posts under the username @maccasworkeraddict, urged people to not to get impatient and "scream hello" as soon as they enter the drive-thru.

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