‘I’m an American woman who married an Italian man – now I feel much healthier’

Michael Mosley discusses health benefits of drinking water

An American woman has attributed her rude health to vacationing in Italy.

Amber Cimiotti, who is married to an Italian man and originally hails from Los Angeles, has been a frequent visitor to the Italian town of Ospedaletti for approximately 11 years.

Recently, the mother of two took to Instagram to explain her view that the superior magnesium content in European water and food is the secret behind why she feels so revitalised.

Numerous social media users joined the conversation, sharing similar experiences. In a video that has garnered more than 64,000 likes, Amber lounged on a sunbed and addressed her followers.

She began by saying: “I went down the magnesium rabbit hole yesterday and I did that because I always feel super good in Italy.

“I’m always on the quest to figure out why I feel so good – not just because of the culture and the Aperol Spritz, but also because I physically feel good.

“I’m talking heart rate, sleep scores, energy, anxiety, like all the best scores of the year are always when I am in Italy, I kid you not.

“Water got me started on it because the Italian water is full of minerals and things that replenish your body.

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“I mean do you ever think about how Americans have to walk around with bottles of water or are constantly drinking where Italians never do that? They drink way less water because their water is actually replenishing their body.

“But also our soil is so depleted and theirs isn’t quite as depleted so their food is mineral rich.”

Mentioning that she didn’t have any solid evidence but was “just a girl trying to feel good”, she continued: “But I read about magnesium all day yesterday and they were saying that long Covid could be magnesium deficiency, a lot of postpartum issues could be magnesium deficiency.

“Covid depleted magnesium in a lot of people, having kids and breastfeeding depletes it in a lot of people – because our soil and our water isn’t replenishing it, 70 per cent of Americans are deficient in magnesium.

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“Things like POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) and chronic fatigue syndrome and many other autoimmune disorders also could be because of magnesium deficiency.

“Vitamin D needs magnesium so if you’re taking Vitamin D but your magnesium is low that could also be a problem because Vitamin D is going to use up all your magnesium.

“Heart rate, atrial fibrillation – all of these things with your heart rate could be directly attributed to magnesium deficiency.”

Viewers of the video who had also visited Italy revealed that they had similar experiences.

One user said: “Those were my thoughts exactly when we vacation in Spain! We drink less water and it’s because their water actually hydrated YOU!

“[It has] Tons and tons of minerals and salts that we need.”

Another added: “I lived there for only two years and everything you say is exactly right.

“Italy is the best in every way. We are doing our best to get back there to live!”

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