‘I didn’t think I was hot enough to sell sexy pics – until unexpected diagnosis’

A racy content creator admitted she didn't think she was hot enough to sell sexy snaps – until she got a bombshell diagnosis.

In 2014, Lora Carmichael found herself at the doctor's office due to nightly chest pains, which she was told was heartburn. However, during this visit, she received an unexpected diagnosis that would ultimately reshape the course of her life.

The doctor said her heart was abnormally enlarged, and she was dealing with mild dilated cardiomyopathy. With this revelation, Lora's annual check-ups became a regular part of life that ensured her condition didn't worsen.

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This was until a delayed check-up scheduled in the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 uncovered a distressing reality – her heart's pumping ejection fraction had dropped below 35%, signifying a shift to moderately severe heart failure.

Lora recalled: "It was pretty shocking as I hadn't noticed any symptoms. They put me on medication and said they would see what was happening with it in three months and would consider a defibrillator if needed…

"I now had a chronic illness that would need to be managed for the rest of my life, with many with my condition needing heart transplants to survive."

Before this diagnosis, Lora had been leading an arduous life, working 80-hour weeks divided between a retail job and her art studio, where she poured herself into her passion for painting.

Her living conditions were far from ideal, residing in a deteriorating apartment with a leaking and partially collapsed ceiling. Financially, she was barely making ends meet, often subsisting on a meagre dinner of a single sausage or spring roll from a nearby train station.

As an artist, Lora grappled with a complex relationship with money, feeling that financial stability was a luxury she couldn't afford in her pursuit of art. However, her life-altering health diagnosis forced her to reevaluate her priorities.

"After recovering from the initial shock of my condition," Lora explained, "I decided that I needed to completely change the way I was living my life. I wasn't going to survive very long if I continued like this."

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While she had toyed with the idea of starting an OnlyFans account in the past, Lora had been hesitant, fearing that she “wasn’t attractive enough”. However, her health scare provided her with newfound clarity and self-confidence.

"Life was now much too short to worry about what others may think of me," she said. "I wanted to care for myself better, provide myself with a better place to live, afford all my medical bills, make time to see my friends, and live out any dreams that I desire.”

Lora now boasts 188,000 followers on Instagram, alongside her OnlyFans subscribers, where admirers often gush over her beauty and figure.

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