HD Brows and lash lifts: Experts reveal how the stars of Strictly 2023 are getting ballroom-ready

Oh, how we’re loving getting into the full swing of Strictly Come Dancing season. The dancers, the talent, the glitter, the make-up – what do we do for the rest of the year when it isn’t on our screens?

If you’ve been watching every Saturday night wondering how some of the celebrities look so glamorous and gorgeous, we have some interesting intel for you that will help you recreate their eyelash and eyebrow looks for yourself.

Here, we’ve spoken to two lash and brow experts to find out what some of the leading stars could be having done to get their eyes and their arches ready for ballroom – and ready for those ‘no-makeup’ rehearsal close-ups!

Zara McDermott

Zara always has the most beautiful fresh face and ‘nearly naked’ eye look when we see her in rehearsals, so what treatments could she be turning to, to boost her natural beauty?

"I'm loving her look, it's very natural glam! I feel like these look like simple classic lash extensions could achieve this eye look. We would use lengths that aren't too long, so as not to damage the lashes, but still give a dazzle to the eyes!" says Demi, co-owner of London'sLash + Brow Lab.

Rachel, brow expert and co-owner, adds: “Zara seems to like quite a defined and filled-in look for her brows. HD Brows would be the perfect start to achieve this, allowing us to perfect the shape and make sure the brows are clean and defined. You could use a powder or pencil to finish them off and make them appear slightly fuller and more voluminous.”

Try the treatments: Prices for HD Brows start from £42 and Classic Lash Extensions from £9 atLash + Brow Lab.

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Angela Scanlon

If you love Angela’s lash look, hybrid lash extensions could help you achieve her fluttery style. “Angela is really glowing in this picture, looking very natural but her eyes definitely stand out,” says Demi. “To achieve this look I'd say we would do a set of hybrid lashes – they look longer towards the ends, sort of a subtle cat eye look, but still opening up the eyes.”

Product pick: Eylure False Lashes 3/4 Length No. 002,£6 here.

Ellie Leach

Corrie’s Ellie looks incredible both in rehearsals and on the dance floor, so how can we get her laid-back for ourselves? Demi says: “Ellie gives girl next door vibes, and it looks like she's had a lash lift and tint, maybe even with a little added mascara for that extra subtle eye drama.”

As for her brows, Rachel adds: “Ellie’s brows look to be a little more textured and fluffy. They don’t look extremely defined and they’ve got less of a filled-in look to them. Although this could definitely still be achieved with HD Brows, Brow Lamination would be the ultimate way to achieve this. It would mean not having to use any product to hold the brows in place whilst simultaneously creating texture but also keeping them natural!

Try the treatment: Brow Lamination costs from £50 at salons nationwide.

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Nikita Kanda

Nikita may have left the BBC show, but we're still desperate to know some of her beauty secrets.

“Nikita’s lashes really stand out for me. I think her lashes are some of the most dramatic of all the contestants, so to recreate this look I'd say a wispy volume set of lashes would be ideal. This would recreate that glamorous look without it being too heavy on the eyes,” Demi advises.

Similarly to Zara, it would appear that Nikita likes a super defined and tidy brow. “Again, I’d suggest HD Brows would be the way to achieve this, as you’d be able to create the sharp outline you can see here on Nikita,” says Rachel. “Once you’ve achieved a clean shape you then have the perfect guidelines when filling the brows in, which will make it much easier to finish them off using your preferred brow make-up method.”

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