A Look At The 10 Richest Darts Players Of All Time

Darts has evolved over the last few decades, from a traditional British pub game to a global professional sport with millionaire players. Thanks to expanded television coverage and larger tournaments with massive prize purses, the top darts players now have an earning potential to amass fortunes.

The best players can accrue career earnings from tournament prizes in the millions, especially if they can sustain success across many years. Lucrative sponsorship deals with major brands also provide a significant income stream. While darts players were once working-class men playing in their local pubs, the multimillionaires emerging today live a life of luxury. The top stars enjoy the fruits of their labor through big houses, expensive cars, and traveling the world while playing a game they love. Here is a closer look at the ten wealthiest darts players based on their career tournament winnings and estimated endorsement deals.

10 Martin Adams: $1 million

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Martin Adams, better known by his nickname Wolfie, built his fortune as one of the most successful players in the British Darts Organization (BDO). With over 70 professional titles, including three BDO World Championships, Adams established himself as a legend in the BDO circuit. Though he never made the switch to the more lucrative Professional Darts Corporation, Wolfie’s long career still allowed him to accrue over $1 million in earnings before retiring in 2016.

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9 Glen Durrant: $1 million

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The three-time BDO World Champion switched to the PDC in 2019 and quickly rose in the rankings. Durrant is already making his mark on the richest darts players lists and should see his net worth grow substantially if he can win a PDC major. Durrant has participated in major PDC tournaments, including the PDC World Darts Championship and the Premier League. His performances in these events have been spectacular, and he is destined for greatness.

8 Dennis Priestley: $1.5 million

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Dennis Priestley was one of the first true superstars of professional darts, helping globalize the sport in the 1990s. With two World Championship wins and numerous other titles, Priestley quickly became a household name. His success on the board allowed him to be the first darts player ever to earn $1 million in career prize money.

7 John Part: $1.5 million

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The Canadian three-time World Champion was one of the top players throughout the 2000s before retiring in 2018. John earned a comfortable retirement from the sport thanks to over $1 million banked in winnings and exhibition income. He is often regarded as one of the game’s greatest players and has been a source of inspiration for Canadian darts enthusiasts.

6 Adrian Lewis: $2 million

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With his first World Championship in 2011, “Jackpot” became a back-to-back champion by winning again in 2012. Those accolades helped propel Lewis’s career earnings to over $1.5 million. Still chasing titles, the Stoke native is likely to see his fortune keep growing. Lewis has regularly participated in the PDC Premier League, which features the top players in darts competing over several weeks in a round-robin format.

5 Peter Wright: $2.5 million

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Peter Wright is commonly known as “Snakebite,” a reference to his colorful and snake-themed stage persona. His entertaining and charismatic presence has made him a fan favorite. Peter Wright branded himself well to become one of the most recognizable players. The lifetime earnings of the 2020 World Champion are approaching $2 million. With plenty of time left in his career, Wright’s net worth should continue rising.

4 Gary Anderson: $3 million

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The “Flying Scotsman” has won two World Championships and over $2.5 million in tournament winnings. While still an active player on the circuit, the 51-year-old signed sponsorship deals with Unicorn and Lonsdale that set him up nicely for retirement from the sport.

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3 Raymond van Barneveld: $4 million

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Another Dutch great, “Barney” won four World Championships between 1998 and 2007. His success made him one of the most popular players ever. Although he’s now retired from professional darts, Raymond amassed over $3.5 million in prize money during his long career at the top.

2 Michael van Gerwen: $8 million

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The current world number one has already won over $7 million in prize money at just age 33. Mighty Mike has been the top-ranked player for years and continues to rack up titles. With lucrative deals from sponsors like Unibet and Target Darts, his estimated net worth is around $8 million. The Dutch phenom has years left to keep adding to his fortune.

1 Phil Taylor: $10 million

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Nicknamed “The Power,” Phil Taylor is commonly considered the greatest player ever in the game. This World Champion (16 times over) dominated the sport for over two decades, winning over 200 professional tournaments. His influence on darts is immeasurable. He not only achieved remarkable success, but also played a significant role in popularizing and professionalizing the sport. Taylor’s domination of darts allowed him to become a wealthy man despite humble beginnings as a working-class bloke from Stoke.

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