Kate Beckinsale’s cat has ‘depression’ after death of her other cat Clive

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Kate Beckinsale says her cat Willow has fallen into depression since the death of her other feline companion, Clive.

Back in June this year, English actress Kate, 50, revealed she was “heartbroken” after her beloved pet had died.

She’s now told her 5.6 million Instagram followers that Willow is also struggling to cope with the loss, despite not getting along with Clive when he was alive.

On Saturday, Kate posted a video of herself cuddling up with her pet on the floor of her home.

“Grief is complicated for animals too,” she wrote in the caption.

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“Since Clive died in June, Willow, who always affected a disdain for him, went into a real, almost human depression.”

Explaining Willow’s symptoms, she continued: “Sleeping all day, seeming not herself at all, and in particular, having witnessed him die in my arms, appearing to be frightened of me as if she would be next.

“As you can imagine I have found that very painful and upsetting and worrying.”

Thankfully, Kate says Willow’s mood has recently been improving.

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She went on: “This is the first week that she seems to be lifting a little, and is following me around and being her super affectionate, clingy, yoga interrupting self.

“Animals are sensitive and their feelings need to be respected. I’m so grateful to feel her love again. Healing takes time.”

Kate announced Clive’s death with a sweet photo of him wearing a red jumper and receiving cuddles from his doting cat mum.

“Clive has died,” she wrote. “I don’t have it in me to make a montage or even look at pictures of him yet.

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“Every single part of my house feels like he should be in it. If anyone is expecting to hear from me, you may not for a bit and I’m sorry. My heart is absolutely and totally broken.”

Three months after Clive’s death, Kate revealed she had decided to get a permanent tribute to him tattooed on her back.

She revealed a stunningly realistic image of Clive’s eyes had been inked just below her right shoulder.

“How can a light that burned so brightly suddenly burn so pale?” she captioned the heartfelt post.

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