‘Davina McCall dating a shorter man is a sign that she oozes confidence’ says expert

Davina McCall stepped out looking every inch a star at last night's 28th National Television Awards in London with partner Michael Douglas, 48, on her arm.

The fun-loving couple both opted for stylish neck scarves and big smiles as Davina's hairdressing beau fixed and fluffed her brunette locks on the red carpet.

The 55 year old star who stands at a proud 5ft 7 (even taller in heels) looked stunning in a glamorous and plunging black jumpsuit as she posed for photographs, while her suited and booted man, who stands an inch shorter than her, happily posed alongside her

And while some couples could feel self conscious about the height difference, Davina and Michael clearly couldn't care less and looked happier than ever as they larked about on the red carpet.

Relationship expert and dating coach, Hayley Quinn, believes that whilst Davina might not have made any conscious choice over her partner's height, it shows a clear vision of how she feels about herself.

"For a woman to value her partner regardless of what is considered conventionally attractive also demonstrates her self esteem; she oozes confidence and has this in her own choices. She doesn't need to conform to what everyone else thinks.

"In the realm of dating, whilst women might feel judged (or even discriminated against) because of their age, or body type; men feel the most scrutiny when it comes to height. Many women will boldly state a preference for tall men on their dating app profiles, so if a woman dates a man shorter than her what does it mean?

Hayley added that "whilst it's mostly important to be discerning about how someone treats you", flexibility in your choices on physical type is key and that perhaps someone like Davina has actually landed luckier than most with a shorter man.

"Perhaps all the women who are dating shorter men, who were disregarded by other women, are onto a good thing. Perhaps the short guys they're dating have more than made up for a lack of height, by being great partners, successful providers or fantastic in bed."

Meanwhile, Psychotherapist and founder of Luxe Psychology Practice, Jade Thomas, added: "Everyone is attracted to different things and for some individuals, height might be a main factor in what they look for in a potential partner, with research showing that the majority of women have a preference of a taller man.

"Research has suggested that women are attracted to taller guys as it implies they are a ‘protector', therefore, if a women dates a shorter man it could be implied that she is emotionally strong and might not feel she needs protection.

She also added that it could be a sign of staying in the position of power. "It has also been suggested that women who date shorter men might want to feel a sense of control or dominance over them, even if this is not a conscious decision or it could just be the simple fact that they are happy to look beyond physical appearance and stigma and actually the man possesses other positive qualities that they are looking for in a potential partner."

Davina and Michael, who stands an inch shorter than his partner, are not the only celebrity couple where the female is the taller of the two though, with plenty proving conventional standards are being left in the past.

TV personality Olivia Attwood stands tall and proud beside her new husband Bradley Dack, who is 5 ft 7, with the 5ft 11 blonde beauty admitting on her show Olivia Marries Her Match that she even made the ultimate sacrifice for love by opting for smaller heels at her wedding in June.

And one half of the NTA winning duo Ant and Dec, Ant McPartlin stands a whole inch smaller than his wife Anne Marie Corbett.

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