Chloe Madeley opens up on split from James Haskell after ‘hardest summer’ of her life

Chloe Madeley has opened up on her tough split from her ex-husband and rugby player James Haskell during a cryptic post, as she opened up on having the "hardest summer" of her life on her Instagram page.

The fitness buff and personal trainer decided to be incredibly open with her followers as she was honest about the difficulties she's faced over the last several months.

The 36 year old star, who is the daughter of This Morning legends Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan, admitted she hasn't felt like herself in a long time, and as a result, her ability to focus on her work has suffered.

Sharing a selfie of herself in work-out gear in the mirror, Chloe began by explaining why she'd stopped posting about health and fitness and her GAD diagnosis.

She then said: "It crept up on me very slowly, in hindsight well over a year, but by the end of August of this year, I got pretty bad burn out. Bodhi became my sole priority and source of joy, but beyond her, absolutely everything felt impossible.

"And it makes sense, because in the space of 2 years I had moved across the country, bought, refurbished and furnished my first house, been reunited with a very busy social life, had a baby by emergency c-section, returned to work 8 weeks later, filmed a reality tv show, and began separating from my husband after what was, to be totally honest, the hardest summer of both of our lives.

"I’ve had mental health battles before, being diagnosed with GAD in my early twenties, so I knew there was a problem bubbling under the surface and was quick to get myself back into therapy," the mum-of-one went on.

"To be honest, there is more to this story and there were a number of factors that lead me back to where I am now (and have been since the end of October), but I’ll talk about them another time.

"But for the first time in a very long time, I feel good again. I feel happy again. I feel strong again," Chloe continued, finishing on a positive note.

"It wasn’t the intention of this post, but now I’m reading it back, I really hope this gives somebody else hope," Chloe encouraged her fans. "Hope that even when it feels like you have nothing left, that you’re irreparably broken, you can slowly put yourself back together again.

"You will come back to yourself in time. Be patient with and be kind to yourself, and please keep going."

While the social media star took the opportunity to be honest and reference the state of her marriage, her husband appeared to show his support in the comments.

Posting two love heart emojis, James seemed to make it clear that he was willing and hopeful he and Chloe can work through their issues to co-parent Bodhi successfully and in a healthy way.

Another fan then replied: "@jameshaskell I know some people have given you a slaying. But just make your priority separating as smoothly as possible for Bodhi and Chloe. Keep channels of communication open. No one knows what goes on behind closed doors. Wishing you both the best for whatever the future holds."

Others praised Chloe for how she's coped with her business and motherhood in the middle of a separation.

"You’re such an inspiration Chloe to both young & old keep going you lovely human Bodhi will be so incredibly proud of you," one fan commented.

"You’ve done AMAZINGLY well. Most people can’t achieve half that amount without kids or constant personal intrusions. Glad you’re feeling happy, after what sounds like a very long and overwhelming period," another person praised.

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