Braun epilator that shoppers say saves salon costs is now half price on Amazon

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Black Friday is the perfect time to pick up those costly beauty tools and electronics that usually come with a much higher price tag, and one bit of beauty tech has been racking up positive reviews thanks to its multi-use design.

If you head over to Amazon today, you can not only save almost 50% on the Braun FaceSpa Pro Face Epilator, £69.99 here, which has not only been reduced from £129.99, but it’ll also save you money on expensive future salon visits, according to shoppers.

Apart from saving you £60 on the device itself, the Braun FaceSpa Pro Face Epilator, £69.99 here, has multiple different head attachments that will take care of plenty of salon services in one, cutting down on your regular beauty routine expenses.

First and foremost, the Braun Epilator is a hair removal tool designed especially for your face, with its easy-to-manoeuvre head being smaller than a regular epilator and therefore ideal for tackling delicate areas like your upper lip, eyebrows and jawline.

It works by gently removing your facial hair from the root with 10 micro-openings helping to capture the fine hairs. For those of you crying out “gently?!” at the thought of epilating, it can also be used underwater which is known to help get rid of any stinging or pain during the process.

Apart from helping keep your facial hair at bay and your skin silky smooth, the Braun FaceSpa Pro Face Epilator, £69.99 here, also comes with a cleansing brush that’s suitable for sensitive skin, which helps remove makeup and unclog pores quickly and effectively to help keep your skin clear and glowing.

It also has a MicroVibration head that works with your serums and creams to help them absorb into your skin more effectively whilst toning your skin and stimulating bloody flow, so you can have a salon-worthy facial from the comfort of your own home.

The multi-tool has been praised by shoppers for its efficiency and cost effectiveness, with one saying: “This is an excellent facial epilator. Saves going to salon. Love the different attachments for cleansing and product application. I’m using it every day.”

Another wrote: “This product is life changing! I will never go to the salon to wax my face again. 2 min is all it took to do my face! It was amazing! Will highly recommend.”

Whilst a third said: “I love this! I bought this after buying the Braun Silk-Epil 9 as I wanted something that could epilate my face more easily. The brush and toning attachments were an added bonus but they are worth it!”

Although the Braun FaceSpa Pro Face Epilator, £69.99 here, itself is cordless, others did mention their surprised that the device’s charger came with a European plug, so you’ll need to make sure you have an adaptor to charge it up.

If three different attachments isn’t enough, the Philips Epilator Series 8000 Wet and dry Epilator, £54.99 here (was £129.99) and comes with 5 accessories to help create smooth, silky and hair-free skin all with one handy tool.

Ditch those expensive – and time consuming – salon trips, because now there’s nothing you cant do yourself.

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