I'm a Dubai housewife & here's the worst things about being married to a millionaire – my allowance is only £82k a month | The Sun

A DUBAI housewife has revealed the ‘worst’ things about being married to a millionaire – and you’ll need to prepare to be shocked.

Linda Andrade, who lives in the influencer city of Dubai with her rich husband, has revealed the things that she deals with as a result of being a rich housewife.

She claimed that her man controls her money and ‘only’ gives her £82,250 a month, he has scary pets and people constantly ask her to borrow cash.

Opening up on her luxury lifestyle, she described being in a relationship with a millionaire as “not for the weak.”

Sharing what it’s really like to be married to a millionaire on social media, Linda said: “Worst things about being with a millionaire in Dubai.”

First of all, Linda posted a video of her posing with a cheetah, as she wrote: “His fave animals are exotic and scary.”

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Not only this, but she then shared a screenshot of a message from a friend, as she confirmed: “Everyone’s always asking me for money.”

As well as this, she then shared a video of her relaxing in a spa, as she penned: “I’m so stressed I have to go to the spa.”

We then saw Linda drinking cocktails and eating sushi, as she also claimed: “Getting fat from the food.”

Shortly after this, Linda shared a video of her rich husband sitting on his phone, not paying her any attention, as she claimed: “He’s too busy for me.”

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Finally, the rich housewife held a beautiful diamond bracelet, as she explained that her man gives her thousands of pounds to spend every month, but it’s not enough for her.

She boasted: “He’s in charge of my allowance and right now it’s only $100k [£82,250] a month.”

The TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @lionlindaa, has clearly left many stunned, as at the time of writing, it had quickly amassed a whopping 158,200 views in just one day. 

Social media users were gobsmacked at Linda’s complaints and many took to the comments to sarcastically respond. 

Not only this, but many called her a gold digger and hailed her as ‘spoilt’. 

One person said: “Such a hard life.”

Another added: “Tough life.” 

A third commented: “I wish these were my problems.”

Meanwhile, someone else penned: “100k a month? That kind of money would change my entire life.”

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Whilst another wrote: “Girl ur def.. a BIT of a gold digger and spoiled.”

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