New referendum data reveals the epicentre of Britain’s vote to leave the EU as well as the highest Remain strongholds and splits by age and education

A PART of east Middlesbrough was the epicentre of Leave in the EU referendum, new data reveals.

Some 82.5 per cent of people in the Brambles and Thorntree ward voted to Leave the bloc last June, compared to the highest Remain area which was in student-populated central Cambridge – Market ward.

A analysis of ward data from last year's referendum revealed the places which voted most heavily to Leave and Remain.

It also showed that areas in Middlesbrough, Lincoln and Essex were the most pro-Leave, and in student-populated Bristol and London they were most pro-Remain.

Slap bang in the middle were wards such as Asburton in Croydon, South London – split 50/50. And the place which most accurately represented the 52/48 split in the UK was Tulketh University, near Preston.

Where were the most pro-Leave wards?

  • Brambles and Thorntree, Middlesbrough – 82.5% leave
  • Waterlees Village, Wisbech, Cambridgshire – 80.3% leave
  • Canvey Island, Essex
  • Skegness, Lincolnshire
  • Havering, east London

The data confirms previous reports that populations with lower levels of qualifications were much more likely to vote leave. In Brambles and Thorntree just four per cent of people had a degree or similar qualification.

Older people were also more likely to vote to exit the EU, as well as white people living on urban housing estates.

And those using a postal vote were slightly more likely to vote Remain, the research suggested.

Ethnicity was also important – ethnic minorities were more likely to vote Remain, but some parts of London Asian populations backed Leave too.



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The BBC gained data from 178 of the 399 referendum counting areas to compile the research.

The data also contained some surprising areas which bucked their local trend.

As a county, Cornwall voted to Leave, but one constituency – Truro and Falmouth – voted 53 per cent to Remain.

And Bradford was similar – 54 per cent overall wanted to get out of the bloc, but some towns like Ilkley went over 60 per cent remain.

Where were the most pro-Remain wards?

  • Market ward, central Cambridgeshire – 87.8% remain
  • Ashley ward, central Bristol – 85.6% remain
  • Northumberland Park, Haringey, north London – 85% remain
  • Lambeth, London

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