DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Monarchy will thrive under Queen Camilla

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Monarchy will thrive under Queen Camilla

Paying tribute as the Queen celebrated her historic 70th anniversary on the throne, Prince Charles said: ‘Her devotion to her people inspires greater admiration with each passing year.’

How unerringly right he is! She is not just the longest-reigning and longest-living monarch in our island story, but assuredly the most loved.

Since the 25-year-old Princess Elizabeth became sovereign on February 6, 1952, many aspects of Britain and the Commonwealth have changed beyond recognition.

But through national tragedy, tumult and triumph, the Queen has remained an impeccable symbol of reassurance and unity.

Anointing Camilla as Queen Consort when Charles becomes King is not only a wonderful and kind gesture, but customarily wise

Indeed, one sometimes wonders how Britain would function without her.

The moving image of her observing Covid rules by mourning alone at Prince Philip’s funeral epitomised her lifetime of selflessly leading by example.

Anointing Camilla as Queen Consort when Charles becomes King is not only a wonderful and kind gesture, but customarily wise and sensible.

No one pretends it was easy for the Duchess of Cornwall to follow Diana. But with quiet dignity, easy humour and visible compassion, she has risen to the challenge. She is, quite simply, Charles’s rock.

The announcement guarantees stability and continuity for the magnificent institution of the monarchy into the future.

Yet at 95, Her Majesty remains in remarkable health. Long may she reign.

Now give Boris time

The nation’s affection for the Queen, and excitement for her Platinum Jubilee, should not blind us to the fact that the economic and political weather is gloomy.

The cost of living crisis is pinching. With food prices set to soar further, this will worsen. The foolish national insurance hike will inflict more pain. And if war erupts in Ukraine, Britain will feel the shockwaves.

With problems mounting, what are out-of-touch Tory MPs doing? Self-indulgently plotting to topple the Prime Minister.

Yes, No10’s lockdown parties were wrong. But Boris Johnson has apologised.

He is – as asked – chopping out dead wood from Downing Street and bringing in experienced, reliable figures.

He has apparently vowed to stop the troubling drift from Tory values (although he ought to trumpet this explicitly).

So ministers covetously (and indiscreetly) eyeing his crown should, as Sir Iain Duncan Smith says, ‘temper’ their ambitions.

Mr Johnson must be afforded time and space to tackle the grave challenges looming. Voters simply won’t forgive the party for self-obsessed navel-gazing.

Parking pirates sunk

Any unsuspecting driver who has been clobbered with an eye-watering fine by car-park cowboys will know just how ruthless these firms can be.

Often, motorists are hit with rip-off charges for honest mistakes, overstaying their allotted time by seconds or breaking rules they didn’t know even existed.

In the worst cases, rogue wardens employ dubious practices, then bully their victims into paying extortionate fees – generating millions for the private parking industry.

But today in a thumping victory for the Daily Mail, ministers sink the pirates.

Under a new code, fines will be halved to £50, motorists get a ten-minute grace period and unscrupulous firms face being banned.

Of course, we defend private car park owners’ right to impose reasonable charges for use of their land.

But many have turned parking enforcement into a form of licensed mugging.

One concern remains. These measures won’t be implemented until next year – by which time many more drivers will have been fleeced. Introduce them now!

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