Aiden Fucci, 14, seen rocking in chair & mumbling 'I won't let demons take my soul' at hearing for 'killing cheerleader'

SUSPECTED teen killer Aiden Fucci rocked back and forth in his chair and said he wouldn't let "you demons take my soul" as he appeared briefly in court on Wednesday.

The hearing for the 14-year-old suspected of killing cheerleader Tristyn Bailey by stabbing her 114 times was postponed until next month after technical problems cut off Fucci as he called for his mom and dad.

He was seen in a stream of the hearing from St John's County Courthouse looking scared as he swayed in his chair and stared into the space above while calling into the court from Duval County jail.

The Florida teen then held the phone receiver in his hand as he stared straight ahead.

He was also heard asking "Why am I here?" according to a WTLV reporter.

"I just want to talk to my mom and dad. What's going on?" Fucci says in a video of the stream posted to social media.

"What's going on?" he repeats twice again.

"I won't let you demons take my soul, demons take my soul away," he says in another clip as his eyes dart around the room.

The pretrial hearing was postponed after Fucci's stream suddenly cut off seconds later while the judge was still setting up.

Fucci is charged with murder over the brutal death of his classmate, 13-year-old Bailey. 

She was found dead in woodland near Fucci's home on Mother's Day having been stabbed 114 times after her family reported her missing.

Fucci, who is being prosecuted as an adult despite his age, told cops an argument erupted between the pair as they walked back from a friend's house in the early hours of the morning.

It comes after a new video emerged showing Fucci walking with Bailey on the night she was killed.

Florida prosecutors allege that new video evidence they have shows Fucci walking with Bailey on the night of her death, and then running alone later that same night on a neighbor's surveillance footage. 


Fucci's mother Crystal Smith was also set to appear in court today.

It is unclear if this will also be rescheduled.

Another shocking video released by the State Attorney's Office last week shows what investigators allege is Smith washing blood off of her son's jeans.

She allegedly washed the trousers while her son was being interviewed by deputies.

After the jeans and a drain in his home tested positive for blood, Smith was charged with evidence tampering in connection with Bailey's death.

The videos are likely to play a role in the trial.

On May 27, Florida attorney R.J. Larizza announced that prosecutors were charging Fucci as an adult on first-degree murder.

He said Fucci had told friends that he was going to kill someone within the next 30 days, leading to accusations that the act against Bailey was premeditated.

According to Larizza, the 14-year-old specifically detailed that he would "take someone into the woods and stab them."

Fucci's pre-trial hearing will now take place on October 28.

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