Katie Price shares intimate bed pic of 'soulmate' Carl Woods and says she 'finally feels complete again'

KATIE Price can't stop gushing about her new love Carl Woods as she shares a pic of him curled up in bed topless.

Katie, 42, shared the intimate pic of her "soulmate" Carl, 33, lying in bed topless with the duvet pulled up to his chin.

The former reality star had his hands on his head with a wry grin as he looked over at something in the distance.

Katie, who can barely contain her feelings about Carl and said she finally feels complete with him.

She captioned the pic: "I can’t tell you how it feels to know that @carljwoods is who I will be falling asleep with today tomorrow and the future ❤️❤️"

Katie, 42, has been dating the Love Island star for three months, but still can't pronounce his name.

The former glamour model posted a hilarious video to her Instagram stories showing fans how she struggles with the pronunciation.

Some of her 2.3million followers pointed out that she was saying his name "wrong", but she had them laughing later at her attempts.

Sitting at the dining table of her Surrey home, she explain: "So many people keep on saying that I call Carl -C-A-R-L- 'Cole' when I know I should be saying 'Carl'."

Whoever was recording Katie trying to drag out the sounds was in stitches as she tried to get her boyfriend to come and watch the video.

But an uninterested Carl gestured that he wouldn't be coming over to join in on the shenaningans.

Katie may not be able to say hew new boyfriend's name properly, but that hasn't stopped her calling Carl her 'soul mate'.

Katie, who has been dating Carl for three months, has taken to calling herself "Katie Woods".

She is even getting a special numberplate made for her new car that reads "K WOODS".

A source told The Sun last night: "Nobody would be surprised if they were married by the end of the year."

Katie has made no secret of her desire to get hitched to Carl, even filming the aftermath of a proposal last month that she later insisted was a joke.

Taking a man's surname is a first for the star, who has always been known as Price in public throughout her three marriages.

An insider explained: "Katie's head over heels for him and calls herself 'Katie Woods' all the time.

"She's even getting a numberplate calling her K WOODS to go on new car and scooter next week."

Carl has been helping Katie after her recent fall in Turkey.

Katie has been married to Peter Andre, Alex Reid and Kieran Hayler – whom she is currently in the process of divorcing – but never used any of their names.

However, she is very taken with Carl, even sharing the moment that her disabled son Harvey asked him to be his "daddy".

The 18-year-old – who doesn't have a relationship with biological dad Dwight Yorke – was asked: "Harv, what do you want mummy and Carl to do?"

He responded: "Be with Mummy and Harvey and Carl… your daddy."

Katie said: "You want Carl to be your what?" He responded: "Harvey's daddy."

She then asked: "Do you? Do you love Carl that much?" to which Harvey replied: "Yes mum."

Katie is currently confined to a wheelchair or mobility scooter after breaking both her feet jumping off a wall at a Turkish theme park.

However, she still managed to get to another theme park – Alton Towers – where she and Carl were seen sharing a doughnut yesterday.

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