Bachelorette Clare Sends 1 Man Home After He Calls Her 'Classless,' Withholds Group Date Rose

This post contains spoilers from Tuesday's episode of The Bachelorette.

Tuesday night's episode of The Bachelorette picked up at the cocktail party ahead of the second rose ceremony, with Yosef telling the other men how disappointed he felt in Clare Crawley for hosting a strip dodgeball group date that he did not attend. Yosef said that as a dad, he would've declined to participate so as to not set a bad example for his daughter, and that he expected more maturity from a woman of Clare's age (39). And he planned to tell her as much.

So Yosef pulled Clare aside at the cocktail party and began to express his concerns.

"I expected a lot more from the oldest Bachelorette that's ever been," he told her. "And I can't believe, I can't believe that that actually occurred. That's not the type of example I want to set for my daughter. You're not setting the right example for my daughter. I feel like I even have to explain now. I'm ashamed to be associated with you. I can't believe I sacrificed so much to be here, just to watch this distasteful and classless display. I'm serious. Like, so appalled. Going back to our first date, I feel like you really overreacted and it sounded a little crazy.”

After allowing Yosef to speak for what Clare said had been 20 minutes, she laid into him. "Do not ever talk to me like that," she said. "I never thought I'd ever have to tell any man that I would never want them being the father of my child and I stand by that. I would never want my children having a father like you. Get out of here."

And then Yosef uttered the line that the show has been teasing since the beginning. "[I] believe that you're not fit to be a mother to my child," he shouted. "You're completely classless, Clare. Classless. I expected way more from the oldest Bachelorette in history. Remember, you're almost 40!"

With that, he headed out — leaving Clare reeling. "I didn't even do anything to that man," she said. "Sick, sick. To sit there and say, 'You're the oldest Bachelorette!' Guess what? I'm the oldest Bachelorette that's standing here that's single because I didn't settle for men like that."

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In swooped Dale to comfort Clare. She cried into his chest and he told her to "focus on what matters and who matters." To the cameras, Clare declared, "Literally, all I've ever wanted is a man like Dale."

"Dale is everything that I'm looking for," she continued. "Everything that I want, that I can't put words with. Things you can't explain. He shows up. He has it. He's that way. I can't believe it's not even the second rose ceremony yet and I'm so falling in love with Dale.”

Once she calmed down, Clare decided she preferred to skip the rest of the cocktail party and head right into the rose ceremony. Dale received the first rose, and 18 men total moved forward, with Blake Monar, Garin, and Tyler S. heading home.


Since some men didn't get time with Clare at the cocktail party, they were happy to hear from host Chris Harrison that everyone would receive a date this week. The batch of men for the first group date included Jason, Jay, Eazy, Chasen, Blake, Ed, Riley and somewhat surprisingly, Dale.

But the daytime date got pushed back because Clare couldn't stop gushing to former Bachelorette DeAnna Pappas about how much she loves Dale. "This might be the shortest season ever," Clare told DeAnna, who assured her that "when you know, you know."

Clare turned the daytime date into an evening cocktail party, at which Dale announced he'd like to grab her first for five minutes. "Why are you so perfect?" Clare asked Dale during their time together. They rolled around on the bed kissing and his five minutes turned into 40, according to the other men, who were annoyed that Dale had monopolized Clare's night so far.

Eazy interrupted Dale, but Dale came back for round two with Clare. The guys confronted Dale on masquerading as someone who said he wanted everyone to have a fair shot when he'd been the one taking up most of Clare's time. But Clare saw Dale's assertiveness as a good thing, and rewarded him with the group date rose. "I appreciate you showing me you care," she told him.

When the rest of the men spoke with Dale once more, he asserted that he was the "best man suited … just to be there for" Clare, a line that would be used against him frequently later on.


Zach J. scored the coveted one-on-one date with Clare, but she still had her mind on Dale, expressing in an interview how "hot" he looked in his hat when she went in to meet Zach for their date. She and Zach J. embarked on a spa day and Clare continued to muse over Dale. Still, she said, "I'm just respecting the process."

As Clare and Zach J. prepared to go their separate ways to change for dinner, Clare leaned in to kiss him. But she claimed he pulled away, and things took a turn for the extremely awkward. After Zach reached for her and attempted to try again, she denied the advance. "I don't know what just happened," Zach told the cameras. "It's a huge mixup. Huge. I mean, I was trying to kiss her."

For Clare, the experience reminded her of a previous abusive relationship. "I go in for the kiss with Zach, he just pulls away," she said in a confessional. "And the second I just try to walk away, he grabs me. That kind of triggers me and kind of scared me. I didn't want to be near him in that moment."

Zach sat at dinner waiting for Clare to arrive, only for Chris Harrison to show up instead. Chris let Zach know that Clare wouldn't be coming to dinner and that accordingly, "that means that you're going to be going home."


Clare's week only grew more uncomfortable as she headed out on her second group date — a comedy roast hosted by Margaret Cho. Though Dale had already gone on his date for the week, the men were informed that he and the rest of the house would be serving as the audience for the roast. That didn't stop anyone from taking aim at Dale, though, and using the roast as an opportunity to share their feelings about the former NFL player.

Bennet dug especially deep, claiming that Dale came on the show to campaign for president and bringing up Dale's comment about being "best suited" for Clare. "Since you've said you're the best suited for Clare, do me a favor and at least swing by my chateau for a little lesson in fashion before the big day, you big diva," Bennett said.

Clare interpreted all of the men's jabs at Dale as jealousy. If the rest of the group picked up on her feelings for Dale, she said, it didn't matter because she came here to find love. "So what I have feelings for dale?" Clare told the cameras. "We have a connection. That's the truth. I'm not trying to hide anything. Hate on."

Clare used the rest of the second group date to interrogate all of her potential suitors about the comments they made regarding Dale, and the men began to feel that their time was being wasted. "It literally feels like right now, she's only interested in Dale in this whole house," Kenny said. "Like, to the point where I feel like I'm wasting my time being here. It's almost like they're already dating and we're all just f—ing around here."

Clare decided after the Dale-centric day, she didn't think any of the other men deserved the second group date rose. "I did not get what I needed with you guys, so right now, I feel like this rose, I won't be able to give this out tonight," she told the men.

The move reinforced the men's assumptions that Clare only had eyes for Dale. But Clare felt solid about her decision, choosing to give herself the rose instead.

"I feel confident and I feel like I am literally on the right path," she told a producer. "It feels so good."

The Bachelorette returns Nov. 5 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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