Your Pillowcase Could Be Making Your Acne Worse — Plus 3 Non-Absorbent Options To Use Instead

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When looking for one of the best pillowcases for acne, you’ll want to consider the material. Fabrics like cotton, bamboo, hemp, and microfiber will absorb the oils and dirt on your skin, exacerbating acne. So in the hunt for a pillowcase that’ll be best for your skin type, you’ll want one that isn’t absorbent.

Now, a lot has been said about silk pillowcases and their benefits for both your skin and hair. And, while some of this is true (a silk pillowcase does reduce the friction between your skin and hair and the pillow itself, causing less hair breakage and potentially less skin irritation), it’s not the end all be all.

You should look for the least absorbent material you can find in a pillowcase, and you should also be diligent about washing it frequently. Since all materials are bound to absorb some oil and dirt, you’re best off washing or changing out your pillowcase once a week.

On this list below you’ll see the best pillowcases for acne that reviewers swear by. But, you’ll also find an antimicrobial spray solution designed to disinfect your pillowcase and keep oil and dirt from transferring to your skin as you sleep. Keep scrolling, everything you’ll need is below.

With the backing of thousands of fans, this 100% mulberry silk pillowcase is a great pick if you have acne-prone skin. It boasts a thread count of 600 for a softer overall feel. But, with silk pillowcases, thread count is actually less an indicator of the quality of the fabric than momme weight, or the weight of the silk. (For reference, the momme weight of most silk fabric ranges from around 6 to 30 mommes, and experts tend to think of the 19 to 25 mommes range as the sweet spot where silk strikes the right balance between strength and lightweight feel.) This pillowcase has a momme weight of 19, meaning it’ll be durable and strong but not too heavy. It’s also hypoallergenic and comes in 34 different colors and patterns, as well as seven different sizes. But, don’t take my word for it. Plenty of reviewers have sounded off in the comments that, with regular washing, this pillowcase has transformed their acne-prone skin. It does need to be hand-washed, but some reviewers have had luck putting it in their washer on the delicate cycle.

What fans say: "This pillowcase is so soft on my skin. I’ve used it for some days now and I can see the difference in my skin and hair. My acne is slowly going away and my skin has never been this healthy. 10/10 recommend."

For an unbelievable price, this set of two satin pillowcases is a steal and has earned a glowing 4.3-star rating on Amazon after thousands of reviewers. While these are made out of polyester, not silk, remember that material matters less than how much you wash your pillowcase. And, by opting for polyester instead of silk, you’ll save money and have an easier time washing them. While the manufacturer recommends hand-washing these, reviewers are quick to say these did fine in a gentle cycle in a washer and dryer. They come in 14 colors and patterns and four different sizes, so you can match them perfectly to your bedroom. And, much like silk, a satin polyester pillowcase will reduce friction on your skin or hair as you sleep, reducing hair breakage and skin irritation in the process.

What fans say: "I bought these about a month ago to prevent acne-causing irritation and bacteria. I was nervous because they’re so cheap, but so far the quality seems great. They feel great on my face and my hair is not longer a mess in the morning (I have fine, straight hair that tangles from just about anything). Haven’t noticed major changes in acne, but when I’m having a breakout or my skin is irritated these pillowcase definitely don’t make it worse. I wash them every week (machine wash on cold, hang dry) and they’re still good as new."

If you’re willing to invest some money in your bedding, this 100% mulberry silk pillowcase has won over Amazon reviewers and professionals alike. Not only is it a Good Housekeeping pick for best silk pillowcase, but it has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon with more than a thousand reviewers weighing in. With a momme weight of 25 mommes, it’s heavier weight than the other silk pillowcase on this list. That means it’ll be a bit more durable in the long run. When washing, you’ll definitely want to hand wash this one instead of risking it in the washer and dryer. It comes in eight colors, and three different sizes: standard, queen, and king.

What fans say: "This pillowcase has made a huge difference in my skin. Fewer breakouts, softer skin and no ‘lines in the morning from sleeping. Purchased additional for the rest of the family."

While there’s no substitute for regularly washing your pillowcase, this antibacterial spray will help keep your pillows from collecting bacteria and dirt in between washes. Scented with lavender, this pillow mist is also formulated with tea tree oil, a fantastic acne-fighting ingredient. Simply spray a few spritzes of this solution on your pillow and you’re good to go. Reviewers rave about how this solution has helped them, with many people with unwanted blemishes or cystic acne reporting that it’s been a game changer for their skin.

What fans say: "So far so good! I’ve been spraying this on my pillow for only about a week so far and the results are surprisingly amazing! I didn’t expect much since nothing was working on the acne around my jawline and cheekbones, but I decided I might as well give this a try. I’m so happy I did! My acne has reduced SIGNIFICANTLY! I highly recommend this product for stubborn acne. The smell is soothing and perfect to fall asleep to."

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