Woman shares candid snaps of her unposed tummy and says body is a gift

Body positive influencer and bikini brand owner Karina Irby has declared that her body is a ‘gift’ as she embraced her ‘unposed’ belly.

The Australian babe is not shy about stripping down to her beachwear to flaunt her gorgeous curves in all their natural glory.

Karina, who boasts 1.2 million Instagram followers, recently told the Daily Star that she decided to start her own bikini range because she felt like other beachwear did not compliment her body. And, she's now made £1.5 million.

Thankful for her stunning hourglass figure, the influencer has taken to Instagram to share ‘raw’ and ‘unedited’ snaps of her tum.

In the post, the 32-year-old showcased her relaxed stomach as she lounged on a grey bed.

Karina donned a colourful orange lingerie set, which accentuated her cleavage and hugged her hips.

She rested her hand upon her ‘unposed’ tum as she sprawled herself on the bed.

The post was captioned: “Raw unposed. Unedited lazy snaps.

“Does anyone else’s tummy flop to the side when you lay like this?

“Mine does!"

But Karina was not always so confident about her body – specifically her tum.

She continued: “I used to be so self conscious of this… and if I’m being honest. I still kinda am?

“But our bodies do all kinds of weird and wonderful things and it’s beautiful.

“Our bodies are gifts. No body. No life.”

Inspired by Karina’s post, many people fled to the comments to praise her embracing her natural body.

One person commented: “Our bodies are definitely beautiful gifts.”

Another user added: “Thank you so much for showing what a real authentic woman’s body looks like.

"I look like this every time I lay down. I love your IG page. Never stop being inspirational.”

A third person voiced: “Your belly is so cute!”

Someone else praised: “You’re amazing. So real and honest, thank you!”

And, a fifth person expressed: “Mine flops to the side when I'm standing!!! Still love her though.”

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