The Chic New Cookware Brands That Should Be Taking Over Your Kitchen

If you’re going to be staring at a pot in the kitchen for 30 minutes, you might as well look at something nice, right? While we will never get tired of a timeless Le Creuset Dutch oven, there are quite a few new kids on the cooking block and they’re putting out some steep competition for the iconic cookware brand. These days, there really isn’t any utilitarian household item that can’t be made into a piece of art, your pots and pans included. Be warned, stylish cookware may cause an increase in the desire to spend time in the kitchen, so get that apron out and print out your favorite recipe (might we suggest something from kitchen queen Ina Garten?). Just kidding — save that paper and pull it up on your phone.

Le Creuset is no stranger to color, but if the current selection isn’t wow-ing you, there are so many cool new cookware brands that have toned things down in more refined pastels, earthy tones, and other unique shades that will complement your kitchen’s stylish color scheme instead of sticking out like sore thumb or blending in too much. And they’re not just good looking: these game-changing cookware brands are smarter than ever too, so your food will taste even more delicious. Think features like even heating, stackable sets so you can say goodbye to a mess inside your cabinets, and non-toxic materials for peace of mind. So, whether you’re an avid chef or looking for a reason to get inspired in the kitchen, it’s time to refresh your cooking space with these art-worthy and innovative cookware sets to take your meals, and interior design, to a swoon-worthy level. You’ll never want to hide your cookware away again.

Our Place

This art-worthy cookware brand’s star item is the Always Pan, which does the work of eight, we repeat, eight, types of cookware. So, if your kitchen’s tiny, add this to your cart immediately.

Great Jones

This women-founded brand started with one purpose: to equip your kitchen with gorgeous items that will make you want to cook. The covetable line-up includes a durable and roomy Dutch oven, sheet pan (named Holy Sheet, just throwing it out there for a good laugh), and a series of pots and pans that not only work great, but look good putting in work.

Equal Parts

This ultra-sleek line of stackable, nonstick cookware essentials will finally clear up that pile of mismatched lids and pans for good. Here’s where it gets too good to be true: every piece is dishwasher safe, so you can let your hands relax with a cocktail instead of washing dishes after cooking.

Five.Two (Food 52)

Food52 recently launched its own line of durable and sleek cookware that covers all the basics. They’ve taken years of feedback and research into consideration to include features like cool handles, built-in strainers, and  rivet-less interiors.


The beauty of Caraway is that along with your shiny new pieces of cookware, you also get nifty storage organizers for the lids and pans so you no longer have to be terrified of them falling on top of you every time you open the cabinets.

Material Kitchen

So long Teflon, lead, fumes, and other toxic parts of our old cookware. These pans have a copper core, which provides even heat distribution, and boasts a lip design for easy pouring. You can also shop for cutlery made with Japanese steel, which combined with your new pans, will transform you into a top chef in no time.

Made In

Pros like Tom Colicchio swear by this cookware brand, so get ready to cook like you know what you’re doing with this set in your kitchen. Crafted by artists and designed by chefs, these expertly made stainless steel pieces are the perfect marriage of fashion meets function.

Of course, now you’re going to need some recipes to go with all of your new cookware. How about some of Ina Garten’s best dinenr recipes?

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