Protect yourself against seasonal allergies with this steam inhaler

This month officially marks the start of spring, meaning warmer weather, more sunlight throughout the day, and more excuses to get some much-needed Vitamin D. The downside? It also marks the start of allergy season, a time that’s riddled with congestion.

If you want to stay one step ahead of your allergy symptoms, it’s worth investing in products that can help relieve your sore throat, running nose, and persistent cough.

One popular way to soothe and open nasal passages is through a steam inhaler. Also known as steam therapy, this method involves inhaling warm, moist air into your system. As a result, this can help loosen up the mucus that is lurking in your respiratory system, ultimately relieving your stuffy nose or sore throat. And although these won’t cure you of your allergies completely, they can give you some much-needed relief when the time comes.

If that alone has convinced you to invest in a steam inhaler, meet the AVYA Portable Steam Inhaler (on sale for $129.99). How does this compact, battery-operated device work? As you breathe in the combination of moisture and saline solution, it will break up mucus in your system, while simultaneously hydrating your irritated air passages. Just add batteries into the device and pop in a solution formula of your choice (currently the brand’s Himalayan Aqueous and its traditional saline solution, both of which deliver 99.9% germ-free steam to your system, are also on sale for $16.99 and $8.99 respectively) and the AVYA Portable Steam Inhaler is ready for use.

While we could wax poetic about the device and its overall functionality, we’ll let its impressive customer reviews speak for themselves. Currently, the AVYA Inhaler has an impressive 4.2-star rating on Amazon, with current users singing its praises. As one reviewer notes, “Within a few minutes of using the AVYA device, I felt I could breathe easier. I am excited to continue using this product to relieve my sinus congestion and I would recommend it to anyone who has persistent or general sinus issues.”

If you’re looking to arm yourself against your allergy symptoms, the AVYA Portable Steam Inhaler is priced at $129.99 (a savings of 31%), while its Himalayan Aqueous Solution is marked down to $16.99 (a discount of 43%) and its Nasal Saline Solution to $8.99 (a total savings of 70%).

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