Jessie J looks unrecognisable without trademark bob as she makes musical return

Jessie J, the 33-year-old Price Tag singer, posted a video on her Instagram page last night as part of the promotion for her new single.

In the video, she looked totally different as she was seen as a young girl.

After deleting all her previous Instagram posts last week, the singer uploaded a series of content which she's been wanting to post for the past 18 months.

Her two-year-long hiatus ended with her recent posts promoting her new single 'I Want Love' which was released today.

One of her most recent posts included a video of her singing, where the Essex girl looked unrecognisable.

The video showed her as a young girl without her iconic jet-black bob and heavy make-up.

The video cut between Jessie talking and singing in her car whilst driving around Hollywood, and then to a home video of her performing as a young girl.

In a small, purple leotard and a block fringe Jessie looks completely unlike her grown-up self.

The video shows her doing a tap-dancing routine on stage with great showmanship. The audio plays a snippet of Jessie's new single over the recording.

The new hit was written with OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder.

In another post Jessie uploaded a video of her as a young girl on stage in front of an audience, but this time the multi-talented star is singing instead of tap-dancing.

In a simple, black sleeveless top the young Jessie sings Wind Beneath My Wings to raucous applause. The video interweaves Jessie's own applause and cheering as she drives her car.

As the clip jumps between Jessie as an adult driving around the hills of Hollywood, it is hard to see any similarity to the softly-singing, subdued young girl in the video.

Now ten years since the release of her debut album, Who You Are, which featured the breakthrough singles “Price Tag” and “Domino,” Jessie is back.

Jessie's return to the music scene comes after a difficult year.

On Christmas Eve 2020, the singer was admitted to hospital after going deaf in one ear and being unable to walk properly. This came shortly after her breakup with Magic Mike hunk Channing Tatum.

Jessie – whose real name is Jessica Cornish – was suffering from Ménière’s disease, a condition that affects the inner ear and can cause hearing loss, nausea and vertigo.

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