I am worried I am turning into my womanising dad after starting affair with my stepmum

DEAR DEIDRE: MY dad has always been a womaniser. He and my mum split up when I was 12 because of his affairs.

Now I’m worried I’m no better than him after starting a fling with his new wife — my stepmum.

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I’m a man of 32 and my dad is 56. He is a real flirt and could never resist trying to pull the barmaid or waitress wherever we went.

I found it embarrassing but did my best to shrug it off.

I couldn’t believe it when he got a steady girlfriend, Milly — and at 35, she’s just a bit older than me.

It meant I didn’t see him as much but I was pleased for him. He seemed really smitten and I could see why.

She was really good fun and caring. I enjoyed her company.

But after two and a half years of marriage he went back to his old ways of flirting and eyeing up other women.

One weekend I went around to their home to pick up my bike, after Dad had told me he was taking Milly away for a romantic weekend.

While I was in the garage, Milly came out all flustered. She thought she had burglars.

When I asked her why she hadn’t gone away she told me Dad was on a “boys’ weekend”.

I knew what that meant and Milly picked up that something was wrong.

She simply said: “Yes, I thought it was strange too.”

She asked me if I fancied some lunch, as she was in the middle of making herself some. I agreed and went in.

Then she told me she’d always liked me and that she and Dad weren’t getting on.

In fact, he had walked out twice and stayed away a couple of weekends.

I know it doesn’t forgive what I did, but I knew Dad was cheating and felt bad for Milly.

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I found myself reaching for her and pulling her in. We kissed passionately and couldn’t stop until we’d had sex in my dad’s lounge.

Since then we have tried to keep our distance but she has come around to my flat twice to talk and we’ve ended up having sex again.

We can’t resist each other and I’m starting to really fall for her.

Should I tell Dad I want to make a go of things with his wife? Or steer clear?

DEIDRE SAYS: In two words – keep away.

You are playing a dangerous game and risk losing your dad for ever if you continue with this fling.

You may not approve of his inability to stay monogamous but that doesn’t excuse stepping in on his wife.

Your stepmum would be better to focus on making a go of, or leaving, her marriage before considering another relationship – let alone one with her stepson.

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