Gemma Collins tells fans to stay home – while outside at Buckingham Palace

TOWIE star Gemma Collins urged her followers to stay at home – while enjoying a walk outside Buckingham Palace.

The former car saleswoman, 39, urged her social media followers to obey the orders given by Boris Johnson to stay at home after the UK was placed on lockdown over the coronavirus outbreak.

However, against government advice Gemma opted to go for a walk around the city to take in the sights, stopping at Buckingham Palace.

The "GC" captured The Queen's official residence in all its glory on her iPhone camera.

Normally Buckingham Palace is filled with tourists hoping to get a snap in front of the famous building or witness the iconic Changing The Guard, but yesterday the landmark was completely empty.

It would normally be impossible for tourists to get so close to the gates of Buckingham Palace but Gemma happily strolled around on the iconic pink tarmac.

Yesterday it was confirmed by Clarence House that Prince Charles had contracted coronavirus.

  • Gemma Collins' mum Joan in hospital with pneumonia amid coronavirus pandemic

But Gemma went about her day-to-day life as she stretched her legs during her government allotted one walk of the day.

Gemma who is known for her bubbly personality and being incredibly sociable with her pals has remained quiet since the country went into lockdown.

She recently informed her 1.6million Instagram followers that she will only be giving each person in her phone book 30 minutes per day to communicate with her.

  • Coronavirus fear hits Gemma Collins as she fills two shopping trollies full

After winning over a new army of fans following her stint on Celebrity Big Brother, the blonde bombshell quickly became known for her iconic sayings including: "I'm claustrophobic Darren!"

The GC revealed on social media that she has released a meme-inspired clothing collection with In The Style, with various references to her appearance in the famous house.

Announcing the news, Gemma said: "Taking ISOLATION to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL ….. We couldn’t do a launch party or a gathering obvs BUT …. I hope you love the collection as much as me."

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