Cara Delvingne opens the doors to her VERY quirky LA home

The house that fashion built! Cara Delevingne opens the doors to her VERY unique LA home, revealing Gucci wallpaper, a ball pit, hidden passages, a $20K see-through piano – and a pink VAGINA TUNNEL

  • The 28-year-old model offered a video tour of her new Los Angeles home
  • She said the inspiration was the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and filled the home with prints, colors, and unusual accents
  • Hidden behind a door in her living room is a plush passage that resembles a vagina, where she goes to ‘feel inspired’
  • She also has a ‘pink p***y palace’ with soft walls, a swing, and a stripper pole
  • Her home has a ball pit, a costume closet, a large shelf of hats she encourages guests to wear, arcade games, trampolines, and a full-size bunk bed for visitors
  • There’s also a clear piano, which is thought to be worth around $20,000, pricey James Turrell art, a David Bowie-themed bathroom, a Chanel surfboard, a pool table and a poker tent
  • One room is plastered in heron-print wallpaper from Gucci, which costs $510 for two panels measuring 2.25ft x 11.5ft each 

Cara Delevingne has opened the doors to her quirky Mad Hatter-inspired Los Angeles home, revealing an array of off-the-wall decor, from a ball pit to a pink ‘vagina tunnel’.  

The Suicide Squad actress welcomed cameras into her ‘adult playhouse,’ and revealed that her home includes a ‘pink p****y palace’ featuring a swing and a stripper pole, as well as a secret passageway crafted in the style of a woman’s private parts.

The 28-year-old model showed off the unique features of her home in a new video for Architectural Digest, taking viewers through a tour of Alice in Wonderland-inspired abode.

Interior design: Cara Delevingne has a cozy ‘vagina tunnel’ inside her Los Angeles home

Stimulating: The actress has thrown open her doors for Architectural Digest, showing off the pink hideaway with a white ball seemingly meant to represent the clitoris

‘I come in here to think, I come in here to create. I feel inspired in the vagina tunnel,’ she explained, showing how she can come out on the other side through a washing machine door

Back there! The tunnel is in her living room, and can be hidden behind a mirrored door

Sexy: She also has a ‘pink p****y palace’ featuring a swing and a stripper pole

Play room: The room has plush walls and seems like a good place to relax

The home was designed with architect Nicolò Bini of Line Architecture, whom Cara describes as the Mad Hatter to her Alice in Wonderland.

It includes lots of color, patterns — and a vagina tunnel, which the magazine describes as ‘a secret passageway concealed behind a low, painted panel, which leads from the living room to an adjacent bunk room.’ 

Tucked away behind a mirrored door in the living room, the tunnel has a pink cushion on the inside of the door and nearly-closed pink drapes on either side. Between the fabric are darker pink feathers, as well as a hanging white ball seemingly meant to represent the clitoris.

‘One enters the so-called rebirth canal through a vulval soft sculpture (think Judy Chicago on acid) and then proceeds to crawl out of a round washing-machine door suggestive of a rectum,’ the piece reads.

Cara explains: ‘I come in here to think, I come in here to create. I feel inspired in the vagina tunnel.’

In the video tour, Cara then shows ‘where this lovely labia leads,’ taking the camera into the room on the other side, exiting through a washing machine door.

Announcing that she’s ‘rebirthed an cleansed,’ she shows off a bedroom featuring a full-size bed bunk bed tossed with a Christian Dior throw blanket.

The bedroom also had bold wallpaper, something Cara used throughout the house.  

She told the publication: ‘My work requires me to put on many different hats and costumes. I love slipping into these various characters, so I wanted my home to reflect lots of different themes and moods.’

Cara’s home is full of statement pieces, from Gucci wallpaper to a James Turrell art piece.

The model’s close friend Kendall Jenner has her own $750,000 James Turrell sculpture, which was made with computer-programmed LED lights. While Cara didn’t reveal the price tag on hers, it was sure to have cost a pretty penny.

Empty house: Though she has a nice setup in the dining room, the pandemic has prevented her from entertaining

Bright spot: The dining room has eight bright yellow chairs

Loving it: She gushed over the shade of blue in her kitchen and pointed out a rotisserie chicken oven

For the birds: This Gucci wallpaper, which costs $510 for two panels measuring 2.25ft x 11.5ft each, was another favorite for Cara, who also loves the latticework on the ceiling 

Her fave! One of her bathrooms is a shrine to David Bowie

Memorabilia: She even has a guitar signed by the late rock legend

Sleepover! For guests, she has this full-size bunk bed in a room with more bold wallpaper

‘I just tend to kind of stand in front of it and stare at it,’ she says. ‘But don’t stay too long because you might start to hallucinate.’

In her main sitting room, Cara has a unique lattice ceiling, Gucci wallpaper featuring herons, which costs $510 for two panels measuring 2.25ft x 11.5ft, potted plants, and a light fixture that is one of the star’s ‘favorite pieces in the room.’

‘It reminds me of being in England,’ she says.

The kitchen is painted blue with gold fixtures, and contains a ‘massive pantry’ and a rotisserie chicken oven built into the wall, which Cara admits she hasn’t been able to do much entertaining in her home due to the pandemic. 

Other interesting touches throughout the home include a Chanel surfboard, a guitar signed by the late David Bowie, Japanese puzzle boxes, and a see-through Wurlitzer piano — which she likes to play naked — and which is thought to be worth upwards of $20,000.

The model says that while her whole house embraces a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party feel, each room has a different theme, from jungle to old English to Beverly Hills hotel. 

Her game room has arcade machines include a Playboy pinball machine, and Cara admits that ‘Hugh Hefner is a big inspiration for this house. This kind of feels like my Playboy mansion’

Playing around: She even has a ball pit built into the house, which she gamely uses

High stakes: The star likes to play games and showed off her poker table

Hangout spot: She has a screening room with a projector and screen that descends from the ceiling 

Rack ’em up! Also among her games is this vintage pool table

Drinks, anyone? The star has several elaborately-decorated bars

She also keeps a scooter to scoot around the house because the hard floors hurt her feet.

The model clearly likes to embrace her inner child, and says that having a costume cupboard, a pool table, a poker tent, and even a giant ball pit can help her to maintain a ‘childlike innocence’ and ease stress.

‘The meaning I have from this house is just never grow up, you know?’ she says. ‘Always kind of maintain some sort of childlike innocence or joy or just the need for fun. They’re really great for stress. You can’t cry in a ball pit. I’ve tried.’

Her game room has arcade machines include a Playboy pinball machine, and Cara admits that ‘Hugh Hefner is a big inspiration for this house. This kind of feels like my Playboy mansion.’

She even has at least one secret door that blends into a wall and leads upstairs.

Ommm! She said her bedroom makes her feel calm

Kick back! The master bathroom has a huge tub and a television for relaxing

Dressing up: The star has a large closet for her clothing and accessories

Extra space: She even has an entire shoe cupboard for more casual footwear 

Goofing around: Upstairs, a whole shelving system is dedicated to hats

Lookin’ good! She encourages friends to wear them when they come over

‘I love things like escape rooms,’ she says.

Upstairs, Cara has a whole shelfing system for hats, which she encourages guests to wear. 

Meanwhile, her bedroom features more bold wallpaper, a purple duvet, and a huge mirror in place of a headboard.

‘Every time I walk in here I feel calm,’ she says. 

‘We also have these lovely bouquet vagina flowers,’ she adds, gesturing to a vagina-shaped floral arrangement. ‘It’s vagina appreciation.’

A door in her bedroom leads to a large walk-in closet, which has racks of clothes along all four walls and a dresser in the middle.

Chill: Outside, Cara’s backyard boasts a swimming pool with fun pool toys

Getting a tan: There’s plenty of room to lay out in the sun with friends

Safety first! She also has two trampolines built into the ground

Do it all! The yard has plenty of space to exercise and relax

Most important! Of course, there is also another stocked bar

Nearby, the master bathroom features a steam shower, a large tub, a big-screen TV — and a door to her shoe cupboard, a closet just for footwear like trainers, boots, and ‘one or two pairs of heels.’ 

Another room boasts a pull-down screen for watching movies, a luxe bar, and a range of musical instruments.

Outside, Cara’s backyard boasts a swimming pool and two trampolines.

‘It still feels like a home,’ she says. ‘There’s a proper dining room and living room and a great kitchen. But it’s also a kind of journey. The deeper in you go, the more treasures you discover.”

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