CAPCOM Releases Life-Sized 'Monster Hunter' Steak Pillow

Monster Hunters can now bring a little memorabilia from the game home in physical form with CAPCOM‘s release of the Steak Pillow. Available in both the Raw form and Well-Done version (no additional turning on the BBQ spit required) these cushions are life-sized versions of the Kongari Meat where fans can rest their heads to restore their stamina.

Sized at 23 x 89 x 17 cm (approximately 35 inches in length) the cushion uses polyurethane and paint to replicate the various burns and marbleization of the meat. Priced at ¥16,280 JPY (approximately $120 USD), these Monster Hunter Steak Pillows can be found now over at the CAPCOM store.

In other design news, Dior Maison employs Philippe Starck for reimagined Miss Dior Chair.
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