BRITs nominees to use award as ‘toilet flush’ and ditch sober 2022 if they win

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Nathan Evans promised himself he'd go sober this year but should he and 220Kid win a BRIT Award, he's promised to have a heavy night.

The Sea Shanty star and 220Kid, whose real name is William Graydon, found themselves nominated for Song of the Year with Wellman after going viral on TikTok.

However, despite selling over 600,000 copies of the sea shanty, the pair still struggle to get their heads around how successful the track has been.

Nathan, 27, spoke to Daily Star ahead of the awards show this evening and exclusively revealed that should he win, he plans to ditch a year of sobriety.

Channelling positivity and thinking about winning, he told me: "When I win, I am going to thank everyone for all the help and support over the last year and then I'm probably going to get super, super drunk.

"I've said I'm going to try and stay sober for 2022 but if I do happen to win a BRIT, I'm definitely going to get drunk, that rule is going in the bin for the night."

Nathan was at a Rangers F.C game when he heard the news he'd been nominated for a BRIT and started "welling up with tears".

The star added that it feels "surreal" to be going up against the likes of Sir Elton John, Ed Sheeran and Adele for Song of the Year, explaining: "It doesn't feel real at all, I don't feel like it's me, it feels like it's someone else, it's just ridiculous."

Meanwhile, 220Kid who remixed Wellerman found himself nominated for the second year in a row after his song Don't Need Love featuring Gracey hit the UK Singles Chart.

However, he still hasn't adjusted to his success, explaining: "Someone's got to catch up with the joke at some point, I feel like someone's going to pull the rug out and be like 'Nah, we're kidding'."

Reflecting on the nomination, he added: "[I thought] 'Oh my God, what have we done?' It's still surreal because last week, I put a video up where I went out and was like 'Do you think 220Kid should win the BRIT for Best Single' so the music is always more well known than me so when I hear my name actually involved with stuff, I'm like 'Oh crikey'."

Planning his celebrations, he joked: "I can't see it ending very well but I've got one outfit for the show and one outfit for the after-parties, the outfit for the parties is a low cut top so it means I can't cover myself in beer and stink.

"I'd probably like to take everybody back to Ramsgate and go to the biggest Spoons (Wetherspoons) on the day after it'd be like a New Year's Day kind of thing, an all day-er.

"Get the train from Kings Cross, I reckon I could persuade people."

However, while many artists store their BRIT Awards on their mantlepieces, he told me: "I want to make mine into a toilet flush handle, hanging down off the chain.

"Flush in style, BRITS to wash down the s**ts," he joked.

Meanwhile, research by Mastercard shows that winners of Song of the Year have launched their careers on social media, shortened the length of their songs and mainly feature topics such as heartbreak.

The BRIT Awards air exclusively on ITV and the ITV Hub at 8pm.

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