Billy Connolly danced with death after thinking shark warning was car alarm

Billy Connolly has admitted that he was almost eaten by sharks after thinking a warning siren was a car alarm.

The Scottish funnyman was in Australia with his wife Pamela and their kids before a tour when the terrifying incident happened.

Sir Billy, 79, confessed that he was chatting to his wife about how his swimming had started improving when she realised that he was putting his life in some very real danger.

The popular comic said: “My plan was to get fit for my tour. I don’t really like swimming. Pamela tried to encourage me. She said, ‘I was watching you yesterday, you’re getting better all the time, aren’t you?’

“I said, ‘Oh, yeah, I’m doing OK. But d’you know what gets on my nerves? Those bloody car alarms! Every day when I’m swimming I hear car alarms!’

“Pamela looked at me with that look that women give you that says, ‘Why have I put up with you for so long?’"

Billy then explained how his doting partner had very gently explained to him that what he was hearing was in fact a warning signal to let him know the dangerous sea dwellers were nearby.

He continued: “But all she said was, ‘Billy – that’s the shark alarm.’ It took a while for this to sink in.”

It's not the first time that the TV star has had a run-in with a shark – or at least so he thought.

The actor has previously revealed that he was left terrified when he was out swimming and spotted what he though was a shark fin in the water beside him.

Billy admitted in his book Windswept & Interesting that on another occasion he thought his own flipper was a shark fin.

He said: “My heart stopped. I took off like a motorboat.”

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