BBC Reporter Seen Ducking From Missile Live On Air As Ukrainian Conflict Worsens

A BBC journalist in Kyiv had to duck for cover live on air before retreating to a shelter after a missile flew close to him, as the conflict worsens in several major Ukrainian cities.

Earlier today, BBC reporter Hugo Bachega was delivering a report from a central Kyiv location when he turned to see a missile flying close by to him before an explosion was heard. He ducked and the broadcast cut to the main BBC News studio, before subsequently returning to Bachega to finish the report from his hotel shelter.

The incident is reflective of a major escalation of the conflict that took place over the weekend.

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Kyiv was targeted by at least four missiles this morning for the first time in several months and other cities including Lviv, Dnipro, Mykolaiv and Zaporizhzhia were also set upon by Russian forces.

That escalation came after a bridge, Europe’s longest, in the annexed area of Crimea was blown up on Saturday, killing three people, a move that was blamed on Ukrainian forces by the Russian Kremlin.

The retaliation has been stern, the worst fighting seen for several months in a conflict that is soon to enter its ninth month.

Ukrainian broadcasting agencies continue airing a joint information telethon called United News, which shows round-the-clock news about the conflict, while the BBC and others have, as ever, been on the ground.

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