Victoria Beckham’s x-rated revelation about true size of David’s manhood

When David Beckham steamed up screens with that famous Emporio Armani underwear advert, doubters accused the hunk of having had a helping hand in the tackle department.

Surely that bulge couldn't be the real deal, gawking fans wondered.

Even Beckham's mate, James Corden, claimed the footballer had been faking it.

Recreating the sizzling shoot in 2018, he told The Sun: "David told me he had more pairs of socks in his pants than I had in mine."

However, according to David's wife Victoria, Becks is not only handsome and talented, but he's also incredibly blessed in the downstairs department.

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Defending her man's honour, she once likened his not-so-mini David to a piece of farm machinery – and a big one at that.

"I'm proud I still have a really good sex life with David. He is very much in proportion," she enthused back in 2008.

"He does have a huge one, though. He does. You can see it in the advert. It is all his. It is like a tractor exhaust pipe!"

However, David was once left red-faced by an awkward question from eldest son Brooklyn when he spotted his dad's teammate Roberto Carlos coming out of the shower in the Real Madrid changing rooms.

Recalling the encounter, former journalist Gordon Smart previously told the Open Goal podcast: "Brooklyn was in there with him when he was younger. Beckham was having a shower and towelling himself down and Roberto Carlos walks out naked.

"And Brooklyn says to him 'Dad, why don't you have a thingy like that'.

"He was like 'I am David Beckham'. But he doesn't have everything!"

Back in the day, Posh loved a TMI revelation about her sex life with David, once joking on the Big Breakfast that he liked to wear her knickers.

And their first martial home – the sprawling Hertfordshire estate dubbed Beckingham Palace – was kitted out with a kinky quirk or two.

Revealing they'd plumped for a mirrored ceiling, the former Spice Girl told how she'd themed every room in a seriously 'camp' style.

"There's a room like a tart's boudoir, with leopard print everywhere and a mirrored ceiling," she said.

"Then there's our bedroom, which is quite virginal and white, with a big four-poster, old-oak bed."

These days though, with a fashion empire and four kids to look after, Victoria has admitted that come bed time, sticking on a pamper mask is 'all she's fit for'.

"Honestly, once the children are in bed I’d rather work or shove on a face pack and pluck my eyebrows," she told Vogue Australia in 2013.

"By the time Brooklyn’s finally gone to bed, it’s all I’m fit for. Really, we’re much more normal than people think."

But as for whether she still finds her heartthrob husband irresistible, she understandably quipped, "don't worry about that!"

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