Post-Sussexit, it will be difficult for the Windsors to go over to America

One of my favorite gossip “things” is when royal commentators accidentally reveal some nugget of awful truth. It happens more often than people realize, and half the time, royal commentators actually know what they’re doing. Meaning, they’re actually trying to slam one royal while putting in the appearance of slamming another. It’s happened a lot over the years with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. There are so many smears, so many lies, so much hysteria and fake news, but every so often, the lies and hysteria boomerang back onto, say, William, Kate, Charles, Camilla or the Queen. Take Robert Jobson, who seems to be a bitter old fuss bucket masquerading as a royal commentator. Jobson hates Harry and Meghan and would do anything to protect the white royals. But Jobson accidentally told the truth and it’s really funny.

Robert Jobson on the damage Harry has caused: “I think Harry actually has probably done more damage. He’s up there in terms of the modern world of the damage that’s been created, he’s up there with the abdication. In terms of the feedback we’ve been getting, the damage of the institution, and the potential, we haven’t even seen it all yet. We’ve got the book coming out, the same year that his grandmother is celebrating 70 years on the throne.”

Robert Jobson on how the Sussexes have strained UK-US relations: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have strained the “great special relationship” between the UK and the US by making it “difficult” for the Royal Family to go to America. Since the airing of their bombshell Oprah Winfrey interview, the Sussexes have jeopardised the public image of the monarchy, by accusing them of racism and neglect. Speaking to GB News, royal commentator Robert Jobson said: “They still think the Royal Family are racist and all these things were said and I think it’s pretty poor for us. I think it’s going to be difficult actually for members of the Royal Family to go over to America. It’s all going to be about Harry and Meghan. Before, they were doing business with the great special relationship, trying to build relations with America and big trading partners – it’s all going to be about them.”

[From The Daily Express]

The power of the Ginger Prince! Harry leaving Dusty Saltine Isle was more damaging to the crown than King Edward VIII’s abdication huh? Is that because the international media got a good look at how provincial, psychotic and racist the Royal Industrial Complex really is? Is it because the way the media works these days, people aren’t just going to cover up for the royals anymore? As for what Jobson said about US-UK relations… hahahahahahaha, omg. It just occurred to them that if they send Keen Lynchpin and Elegant Baldimort over to America again, they’ll probably be booed. They’re finally getting it: Americans and the international media are not buying “Princess Kate is terribly keen about buttons and early years” anymore.

I still think about how Keen Lynchpin wore hot pink to the 9/11 Memorial.

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